5 Sins in Decorating a House

Having a house that is exactly as we want is like a dream comes true. People who manage to have a house will eagerly put all of their works to beautify their home just like they want. Even more, not all people have a time to do so, thus, once you get the opportunity to decorate or re-decorate your home, I am sure you won’t waste any more time to think but to do it right away. But sometimes, your excitement does not meet the need of the house. Sometimes, the feeling of too excited can blur the beauty of the home decoration. So, to avoid ruining your own house, here are some major mistakes people usually do that can cause quite bad impacts to their home decorating process:

unused room decor » 5 Sins in Decorating a House

  1. Purchasing unfit things

There are some times, we feel too excited in this decorating stuff, it causes to the extent of purchasing anything we like. This can be good if you are lucky to find them matched in your room, but it will be a major loss if you find them unfit. Thus, be certain to what you need and what size you need to have. The furniture things that are too big or too small will both ruin the whole decoration. And also, decide the concept beforehand will help you acknowledging what shape and colors you need.  So, at the end, it will eliminate the possibility of purchasing the wrong furniture.

  1. Do too much pattern mixing

In related to point number one, not only purchasing the stuff can danger your home decorating mission, but mixing one furniture to another can also be tricky for you. It is okay to play with some patterns and prints to create some harmony, so that your house will not be too monotonous. But, you cannot have all the patterns, textures, and prints match to one another. Just because you like it doesn’t mean it will fit to the needs of the house.

  1. Not giving a chance to place a rug

Complementing furniture to one another in one room is very important. But there are often times; we are not feeling okay to put a rug in it. As a matter of fact, a rug can actually be the connection of manifesting the whole concept; it can also be the connection of all furniture you have placed there before.

simple room decor » 5 Sins in Decorating a House

  1. Place everything at the center of the room

There are still some people misunderstood with this perception that by placing most furniture to the center of the room will make the room look more spacious. Well, doing such thing will apparently make your room heavier and even narrower rather than spacious. So, the best way to get more spacious room is to group the furniture then spread them throughout the room.

  1. Display everything you have

Just similar to others, all the things that you like will not fit all. Even though you really fall for them, you cannot put them together if they are not matched. Also, there are some times, people feel obligated to use the things given by someone they love. In fact, you don’t need to necessarily use them if you really don’t like or those things really don’t fit your room.