African American Home Decorating Themes

Choose the perfect color and pattern for your African American home decor – If we intend to implement the African American home decor, then we should not do it half-and-half in. We should be able to make a perfect decoration, and therefore we have to choose some appropriate home decor accents both in terms of the selection of colors and patterns.

(1) Color – for perfect color applied to the themed of African American, we can choose several options of warm colors such as brown and yellow, neutral colors such as black and white, to bold colors like red and orange. We also can choose other colors such as purple or muted blue. Then, we can combine some of these colors to make an attractive decoration to be enjoyed in a variety of forms of decorative items ranging from cushions, candles, statues, plates, cups, lampshades, coasters and so on. It will be a very interesting accent and add a separate display on the theme of African Americans that we apply. The decor accents can be present in a variety of images such as churches to take home with colors above.

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(2) Patterns – there are a wide selection of the perfect pattern that we can apply to make African Americans decoration look exactly like we want, and that will make it even stronger theme and stand out is by applying decoration with modern style. We can choose to use a variety of fabrics with animal print pattern that is identical with the impression of Africa as a zebra to leopard. We can make it happen by selecting multiple items such as wall hangings, quilts, cushion, curtain, to mouse pads to strengthen the character of the theme that we want to achieve it.

When we have had a variety of information related to the African American home decor to complete, the next step is to try to implement it in the house. Start with one room to start as a bathroom. This is the perfect room for us to apply the theme African Americans and we can start by getting a variety of trinkets that have animal print designs such as toothbrush holders, waste baskets, until the soap. After that, try to combine the design by choosing bold colors as accents in the bathroom shower curtains or rugs. Do not forget to give a fresh look to the bathroom to put some live plants in it.

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