Backyard Landscaping Design that Show the Enchanting Beauty of Nature

House is not only about rooms. There should also be outdoor area. For outdoor living, backyard is the awesome spot. It is on the back of house. Although it is an outdoor space, it is not separated part, yet it is the extended version of the house. When you have enough outdoor space on rear part of your house, it is good to consider backyard landscaping design.

Awesome Insight for Backyard Landscaping Design

Your backyard should be more than just an open space on the back area. It should be comfortable space whenever you and your family are bored of staying inside. In backyard, there is no ceiling blocking the beauty of sky. It should also be place to enjoy fresh air with enchanting view of environment. In this case, there is good insight of backyard that will attract you.

backyard landscaping design with pool » Backyard Landscaping Design that Show the Enchanting Beauty of Nature

  1. Backyard concept

The outdoor has good backyard landscaping design combining nature and building. That’s why it has two important parts. The first part is combination of porch and nice patio. This is the real extension of home interior. However, it is designed to give comfort in enjoying the fresh and open space.

The second part is green garden with trees and plantations. The garden is arranged, so there are good combinations of various trees. It gives good ecosystem for the trees and other living beings.

  1. Porch and patio

For back porch, it still adopts the concept of the house. Therefore, it still gets roof and ceiling similar to the main building. It is like the bridge to access outdoor area. Then, there is also area of patio with complete sets of furniture.

On patio, there is wooden set of garden furniture. The chairs are equipped with pillow to provide real comfort while enjoying the fresh air. The patio itself is constructed on the bluestone. When it is not enough, there is also fireplace in this backyard landscaping design.

This is perfect spot for outdoor activity. It is spacious enough and the bluestone is important part that cannot be missed in this outdoor decoration. The bluestone and furniture can blend well. Furthermore, there are some pots around the chairs to show that it is no longer inside the house.

  1. Beautiful garden

The last part of backyard landscaping design is a totally green garden. It is not because of artificial trees or effects of paints, but these truly have some good plants and big trees. Big trees are planted on the whole sides surrounding the garden. Then, small plantations and grass grow well in the center part.

On the center, there is nice pool. Of course, there are fishes living there. In order to access the pool and area of garden, there are paths made of bluestone. Instead of using pavements, these have bluestone in order to give the same theme as patio.

backyard landscaping decor with pathway » Backyard Landscaping Design that Show the Enchanting Beauty of Nature

It is not a complex or complicated backyard design. In addition, the design is not intentionally arranged to make things set tidily. However, the nature gets its freedom to grow, and there is nice patio to enjoy the views of nature. Surely, it is beautiful idea of backyard landscaping design.