Bamboo Window Shades to Balance the Room’s Natural Light

Everyone loves having abundant of natural light in their home. It is a nice way to tone down on energy spent on your electric light bulbs. Natural light also brings warmth to the room. Unfortunately, too much sunlight can raise the temperature of your house. Having the house too exposed can also cause privacy issues. Bamboo window shades might be the answer.

Cool Bamboo Shades for Sunny Rooms

Here are some bamboo-made shades that will suit any sunny room in your house. These shades can provide privacy but also let some natural light to stream in.

natural bamboo window shades » Bamboo Window Shades to Balance the Room's Natural Light

  1. Cordless Sun Blocking Roman Shade

This Roman style window shade has a nice feature: sun blocking. When you draw this shade down, the room will get darker since most of the sunlight is blocked. It is suitable to be placed inside the bedroom, especially for kids so they can have comfortable nap time during the day. The shade has natural driftwood color that will make it perfect for any room in the house.

  1. Dark Trimmed Grayish Brown Shade

It is one of bamboo window shades that are suitable to be installed in the living room. The woven bamboo has nearly sheer effect which means that light can get through it sheer spots. You will still be getting some sunlight, but without the intensity it is intended for. This particular shade has modern grayish brown color that suits modern style room. The dark trim of this shade provides a certain kind of sharpness.

  1. White Semi Sheer Shade

The color of this shade has washed up white color. This color gives out mellow vibe to the room. The fact that this shade also emits semi sheer effect further improves its mellow vibe. Most of the sunlight is blocked from entering the room. However, some light can still enter the room in warm glow. This shade is cordless so it is safer when you have a child around.

  1. Organic Roll Up Shade

This is among the most natural looking shades in the market. The espresso color is bold but definitely organic. Like most bamboo window shades, it has semi sheer effect due to its woven technique. Some light can still peek through little gaps of its checkered pattern. You can clean this shade very easily although it maintains clean look longer due to its darker shade.

  1. Discolored Gray Window Shade

If you prefer bamboo window shades that look worn out and natural, this particular design should suit your taste. The shade has gray color with intended discolorations here and there to make it look like the shade has been aged in outdoor environment. It has semi sheer effect to allow some light to filter through.

  1. Ultra Private Bamboo Shade

The apparent woven pattern of this shade is horizontal. The pieces of bamboo strands are woven tightly against one another. Because of that, this shade blocks about 90% of sunlight that goes inside the room. However, due to its pure white color, your room will not get too dark. The tightly woven strands enable room’s occupant to get the ultimate privacy when being cooped up inside. It is one of safe for children bamboo window shades due to the cordless design.