Bathroom Vanity Cabinet to Decorate and Make Your Bathroom Better

The good houses always have comfortable rooms. These are not only limited to the bedrooms, living room, and also kitchen. However, bathrooms should also be included into the rooms that determine the comfort of certain houses. That’s why you cannot just ignore the decoration of bathroom. In case you are going to renovate and decorate it, bathroom vanity cabinet can become nice part to add.

Simple Bathroom Vanity Cabinet with Nice Color Scheme

creative bathroom vanity cabinet decor » Bathroom Vanity Cabinet to Decorate and Make Your Bathroom Better

Some people think the main part of bathroom is the shower or bathtub. It can be true, but bathroom is actually a whole unity. There are some parts and each of them has important roles in creating comfort in this private area. Therefore, it is also important to consider the vanity when it is time to renovate your bathroom. There can be many references, but this vanity cabinet offers simplicity as its attractive points.

  1. Main design

As what is mentioned above, the bathroom vanity cabinet has simple designs. It does not have complicated details. There is only vanity sink with cabinets. This does not have beautiful countertops and other additional details to offer. However, it looks nice.

The vanity has unique shapes. It has nice oval with simple curve centered on the middle part. It gives wide volume. Somehow, its shape is unique since it looks like the classical bowl but it comes in big size.

The vanity is painted in white. It looks simple since the vanity does not give thick material. Instead, it is thin and it makes the vanity looks sleek and compact. Then, it does not have complicated tubes and panel for the access of water.

  1. The attractive points

The bathroom vanity cabinet has interesting design with its sleek look. However, it is not all of them. It also has other interesting points to see. First, it can be seen from its parts. Basically, it only has vanity sink and large cabinets. The cabinets are divided into two parts, and they have different dimension in term of depth.

The one with vanity on it has wider and bigger size. Then, the second part has smaller size for its depth. Moreover, the part with vanity also has more complexity. The cabinets are divided into two rows. The first one is like drawer with metal bar to hang the towel. Then, the lower part is like a shelf with three boxes as storage. In addition, the next part only consists of two big doors of cabinet.

For the color of bathroom vanity cabinet, it is also nice. It combines the metal and wooden material perfectly. The metal is found on cabinet frame that’s painted in grey. Well, the wooden part is found on the cabinets. These keep the real texture and color of wood plank, and it has lighter shades of brown. Therefore, it can blend well with grey color from the metal.

These details give interesting designs. Actually, it is simple vanity cabinets. However, it has nice functions, and the simple designs have some attractive parts, especially in term of color and material combination. Surely, choosing bathroom vanity cabinet can give good vibe for the room.