Beaded Door Curtains for Allowing Light and Air into the Room

Many people can help but feeling a bit claustrophobic when staying at an enclosed room. Because of that, they do not want to close the door. However, this means that they have to sacrifice some privacy. You can add curtain on the door, such as the following beaded door curtains.

Beautiful Beaded Door Curtains for Semi Privacy

The door curtains that are going to be mentioned in this list do not only act as semi-partition. Their designs are also beautiful. It will be able to improve the aesthetical view of your house.

beaded door curtain design » Beaded Door Curtains for Allowing Light and Air into the Room

  1. Californian Style Natural Beaded Curtain

This is one of wooden beaded door curtains that will look nice when placed in any room. It all thanks to the whitewash color that will not clash against any wall paint. The curtain has large beads in ball and elongated shapes that look majestic. It has enough gaps to allow some air go through.

  1. Ovals Beaded Curtain

This curtain has two main colors combination: beige and brown. Its small oval beads are brown, while the long oval beads come in beige. The small and long ovals are woven intermittently to create nice color and shape variations. This shade allows plenty of air and light to stream inside the room.

  1. Organic Seagrass Curtain

This might not be an exact example of beaded door curtains. However, the design is too beautiful to resist. Each strand has seagrass color and natural fibers that are made into ropes. The strands are really malleable so you will not be having a hard time when trying to tie them away from the door when needed.

  1. Diamond Patterned Beaded Curtain

The beaded curtain will be able to improve your room’s outlook. It consists of 31 strands that form beautiful diamond and zigzag patterns when being drawn together. The beads come in gradation of reds and a hint of white color. They vary in size. Some of the beads are large while the others are small.

  1. Metallic Black Beaded Curtain

It is one of beaded door curtains that will look perfect when installed in a modern style house. The beads come in two sizes and shapes. There are round beads and the long oval ones. Due to the black color, those beads will emit different color tones when being hit with light.

  1. Tiny Beads Patterned Curtain

If you want to have plenty of air and light get into the room, this door curtain might be the perfect choice since it has tiny beads. The beads are in varied natural color from beige to earthy brown so this curtain does not look too conspicuous when placed inside the room. This curtain forms six intricate circular patterns if being drawn down.

  1. Colorful Zigzags Beaded Curtain

Don’t you want to have beautiful beaded door curtains for the house? This particular curtain is great to be shown off to your guest. The beads form four beautiful and colorful zigzag patterns. Those zigzags come in red, black, dark blue, and soft blue tones that contrast starkly with its otherwise beige colored background.