Black and White Living Room Decorating Themes

There are a lot of ideas to make black and white living room. Numerous home owners are indeed in love with monochrome tones to be the color scheme of living room. They consider the room as the most important area in the house and they want to enhance the beauty with combination between black and white.

What Designs Go Well With Black and White Living Room?

However, black and white living room is not going to be easy to rock. There are a lot of ideas that won’t match the color scheme. You need to find the perfect designs and ideas to be applied with the color combination. Here are several designs which match with black and white theme. They can make the living room decoration looks amazing for sure.

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Checkerboard Patterns

Black and white living room cannot be separated from checkerboard patterns. The patterns are literally the greatest and most classic combination between the color black and the color white. Use the pattern to decorate the wall or other elements on the living room, such as the rugs or the cabinetry. It will make the living room looks great without a doubt.

Fully Monochrome

Having a living room with full black and white colors is delightful. You can have that room by not adding other colors to the room. The room will simply get filled with the combination between black and white colors. The walls, ceilings, and floors are normally using white as the color scheme. The furniture and decorative elements are using black to balance the contrast.

Sophisticated and Elegant Room

A lot of elegant and sophisticated rooms are designed with neutral and subtler colors, such as the black and white combo. That is why in a lot of black and white living room designs; modernity and elegancy can be found in there. They are reflected in the usage of unique-designed furniture as well as the usage of modern textures and materials, such as faux fur on the rug and couch.

Modern Safari

If you love safari theme, you must be familiar with zebra pattern. They are surely black and white and they are great to be applied in the living room. Use the pattern to color the wall. Wallpapers are available in this particular pattern and thus you can take it easily. The modernity in the living room is shown on the furniture selection as well as the decorative elements.


Sometimes, vintage-themed living room does not have to be in sepia color or wooden color. They can be using the black and white combo, too. The selection of the theme can be applied on the cabinetry and on the couch. It will make the room looks dashing and yet very unique.

Those designs for living room are simple, pretty, and very sophisticated. They are perfect to be used when you want the living room to be dashing in monochromic colors. Make sure you plan the designs and decorative elements for living room in advance. It will give you more time to create the perfect black and white living room.