Blown Glass Chandelier with Elegant Design and Utmost Function

People use blown glass chandelier for aesthetic and decoration. This kind of chandelier has the same configuration as regular one, except the blown glass looks more like pendant. In old days, chandelier was for collecting pendants to light the room. Today, designer adopts that idea and style with contemporary technology.

More about Blown Glass Chandelier

Chandeliers mostly have holder for candle. You can hang this one at ceiling with hardwire and chain to easy roll up and down when your need to light the candle. Even though modern chandelier replaces candle section with small lamp, the design still looks classic and elegant. More about this item will be explained in the following sections.

  1. Design and style

Blown glass chandelier consists of two sections that each can be separated. At first, chandelier requires strong frame and holder at the center. It is long hanging stick with hook and chain at the top. The hook is mostly for hanging mode where you just attach it on ceiling. On the other hand, the chain is for chandelier if you want to pull up and down occasionally. The latter is what common for blown glass.

blown glass chandelier design » Blown Glass Chandelier with Elegant Design and Utmost Function

After the frame and solid holder are ready, there is blown glass parts where you can light the candle or lamp directly. Minimum amount of this part is mostly three and other chandelier often has more, even using leveling each other. Those parts have holder to keep the candle directly as well as safety glass to cover the fire. This is the basic design for chandelier with blown glass. Designers and creators may expand this style to be complex, elegant, and more fascinating.

  1. Function and installation

You can use blown glass chandelier for two main functions. Firstly, it is functional chandelier as lighting fixture. You may have rooms that need decorative lighting. Instead of regular one, it is best to try different approach. New chandelier with each blown glasses will do better fixture. Second function is aesthetic that’s mostly put in utmost consideration. Simple lamp and light is enough for room, unless you want to impress and decorate it in artistic way. For such purpose, this kind of chandelier seems to be the most appropriate choice.

unique blown glass chandeliers » Blown Glass Chandelier with Elegant Design and Utmost Function

The installation consists of several options depending on the type of chandelier you pick. For classic one, it has attached wire and chain to hold at the ceiling. When you need to lit the candles, you may lose the chain but still at safety position. If you choose modern one without candle, hardwired for electricity is necessary to install.

  1. More things

Several rooms look suitable with blown glass chandelier. You can install it in living room as additional decoration. Guests will show impression, especially when you lit them in classic way. Dining room is another option and you can have this one in family room. However, chandelier is not recommended choice for kid room at all.

Based on the design and production, chandelier is mostly available in two ways. Firstly, you can purchase as package without custom and modification. Second chandelier is custom one where you send special order to create blown glass chandelier based on what you need.