Buying the Best Kitchen Window Curtains

Kitchen window curtains are always needed. It has the function to give privacy of the room during the night, or whenever needed. The window can be properly shut and covered with the help of the curtains. Because kitchen is an area with heavy traffic, the curtains have to be strong and sturdy. Here is more information about it.

What are the best Types of Kitchen Window Curtains?

To find the best kitchen window curtains, you need to know the best material or fabrics to be turned into the curtains. Thankfully, there are plenty of fabrics suitable to make curtains for kitchen. Here are some of the best ones to choose.

kitchen window curtain design » Buying the Best Kitchen Window Curtains

  1. Nylon Curtain

Nylon is a common material to be turned into curtains. It is quite thin and breathable but the fabric is sturdy at the same time. Usually, when the material is about to be turned into kitchen curtain, the fabric is going to be coated with polyurethane. A layer of polyurethane is going to make nylon material waterproof and more suitable to be used in the kitchen.

  1. Polyester Curtain

Polyester is one of the best synthetic fabrics to be turned into many things, including into kitchen windows curtains. Polyester is strong and flexible, making it long lasting and extremely durable to be used in the kitchen. It is not naturally waterproof but sometimes the fabric is given a layer of wax coating. The coating prevents water and stains to ruin the appearance of the polyester curtain in the kitchen.

  1. Vinyl Curtain

Vinyl is an artificial fabric. It is made out of synthetic materials. The nature of this fabric is waterproof, flexible, and extremely tough. This is why this material is perfect for kitchen curtain. If you need a curtain for the kitchen that has to be sturdy and easy to clean, vinyl is the right material to choose.

  1. Oilcloth Curtain

Oilcloth is also commonly known as enameled cloth. This kind of fabric is the best material to be turn into kitchen window curtains as it is pretty much waterproof and easy to clean. The surface is smooth and shiny. It does not absorb water or stains from cooking splats or spills. It does not have to be cleaned as frequently as other materials because stains can be removed only by wiping the curtain with wet cloth.

  1. Microfiber Curtain

For fancier-looking curtain, microfiber should be the material. This material suits the usage in the kitchen because it is 100% waterproof and has smooth and suede-styled surface. Its appearance is dashing but it is not going to make you busy cleaning up the curtain too often. The waterproof nature of the fabric is not going to let the curtain get stained or dirty too easily.

Besides of those five materials mentioned above, there are surely several others out there. The thing to remember is to choose kitchen window curtains with waterproof feature, sturdy structure, and easy-to-clean surface. It will make the job of cleaning the valances way easier.