Complete Steps of How to Shorten Blinds and Some Additional Suggestions

Window blinds look great part for your interior design. Although they have great functions, sometimes blinds are too long and you need to know how to shorten blinds. In fact, it is not big problem to deal with. You can check the steps below in order to solve the problems.

Easy Steps to Shorten Your Blinds

These steps may look easy once you already know the instructions. However, it can also be tricky because you may ruin the blinds when doing the wrong steps. Therefore, it is good to pay attention to the details. There are some steps accompanied by the details to make sure you will get good results.

  1. Measure the window and blinds

You cannot just make assumption or prediction of length. On how to shorten blinds, you should know the precise measure, so you will get the satisfying results once you are done in shortening the blinds.

tips on how to shorten blinds » Complete Steps of How to Shorten Blinds and Some Additional Suggestions

First part to measure is your windows. Yes, you need to measure the precise length of windows. Once you get it, you can also measure how long the blinds should cover the area of the windows.

After that, take your blinds and place them on the flat floor. In order to measure the blinds, it is necessary to expand them into the maximum lengths. Then, you can use marker to mark the slats. It is recommended to spare extra slat as prevention in case these are too short.

  1. Remove the slats

When you have done in measuring and marking the slats, it is time for the most important part in how to shorten blinds. Before removing the slats, it is important to remove the rail plugs. These are located on the bottom rails. Since it may be hard to remove, it is good to use flat screwdriver.

Once you get the plugs removed, you will find knots in each hole of plug. Untying each of them will give you access in removing the slats. Then, you can pull the knots and this will move the position of lift cords. By doing it, there will be space for you to remove the slats.

To get better access for shortening the blinds, you should slide the rail and remove it from its housing. Once it is slid, you get easily remove the slats. Of course, your next job is only to remove slats based on the mark.

  1. Tie the knot and check

When the slats are removed, the next step of how to shorten blinds is to tie put the bottom rail back and tie the knots. Of course, you should remember to place the plugs in their holes. These will secure the cord. For the last part, you only need to check the blinds. When you do things properly, the blinds work normally and these can be shrunk and expanded easily.

Those are some steps and suggestions in shortening the window blinds. It is important to pay attention to the details and recommendations that can help you in the whole process. Of course, the steps of how to shorten blinds are easily followed.