Cool Ideas for Your Great Wooden Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen is essential place in your house to cook many variations for food. Well, cooking in a bad looking kitchen will probably ruin your mood in making the great dish. That’s why you need to have the best kitchen. There are many designs to apply. One of the great choices is wooden kitchen countertops.

What Design Will Look Good on Wooden Kitchen Countertops?

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Among many designs available out there, you should be careful to not put the things that will ruin the decoration. One bad decision will probably stick in your kitchen for a long time. That’s why you need to carefully plan the kitchen. Here are the good ideas to design your wooden kitchen countertops.

  1. Pick a matching color

As you pick wooden kitchen countertops, you might as well go all in and put matching color, for example the calm tones like wooden brown, white, and orange. You can implement these colors to the wall, ceilings, decoration, and tableware. Using matching color will improve the kitchen looks. Do not put a random accent that can break the theme.

  1. The great decoration

Your kitchen will not look good if it is empty. You need to put some decorations there. Flower can do well for this idea. Put also your cooking tool or tableware on countertops as focal point. As a note, only put the things that will look good or the stuff that can’t be put into drawers.

  1. Windows

Wood is a natural element, what else that suits well with natural element? You can install windows in kitchen, so you can see what’s on the other side of kitchen. Putting windows in this space also grants the access to sunlight while cooking at noon. The sunlight will be reflected on wooden countertops, and it will make your wooden kitchen countertops better. You can also cook while watching your kids play on background.

  1. The Nature-themed kitchen

Back to nature will be your slogan if choosing this idea. Just put flowers and plants for this theme. Pick green, brown, white, and orange colors for the wall, floor, and ceilings. Combining them in balanced scheme gives natural touch. With this theme, you can cook while feeling that you are outside.

  1. The 18th century English kitchen theme

Using all wood styles like people back in 18th century surely gives you the exquisite and original looks for kitchen. Build your wall and floor by using wooden planks. In addition, put in some vintage decorations as well old paintings, kettle, and old lamps. They will further boost your kitchen appearance.

Well, those are the great ideas for wooden kitchen countertops. In fact, wooden kitchen will give you happiness while cooking and it can also be increasing the outcome of your dishes. Be sure to always plan the time and cost before trying to realize these ideas. Poor planning or fail counting of costs will disturb your concept. Having a great kitchen will actually give you and your family a better life.