Country Shower Curtain Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Cozier

Somehow, many homeowners are having a hard time when trying to find a shower curtain that will fit their country style house. The house should have a clean cut design with subtle barn vibe. This article will be discussing some country shower curtains that should fit perfectly inside your house.

Cool Ideas of Country Shower Curtains

country shower curtain design » Country Shower Curtain Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Cozier

Coziness is the key term for a country home. Some people have a hard time to find curtains that fit for their shower and have this kind of quality. These samples are showing them that they are not trying hard enough.

  1. Floral Patterned Curtain

This particular shower curtain is made of vinyl material that can endure water. The material can block water that threatens to spray out of the shower. Its measurement is 70 by 72 inches. The curtain is able to cover your shower space entirely.

The background color for this wallpaper is white. Its floral pattern includes several kinds of flowers. This curtain has mellow colors which are mostly earthy tone. It is one of the simplest country shower curtains that get the job done quickly.

  1. Checkered Style Curtain

Checkered style is never really left behind by homeowners. Such pattern is loved in fashion, and even in your home decor. This particular shower curtain has the combination of Dijon, warm red and greenish celery shades. It adds warmth to your bathroom.

The material of this shower curtain is pure cotton. Because it is not a water resistant curtain, you need to purchase separate plastic liner to cover the curtain. In order to maintain your curtain, you are recommended to dry clean it. The curtain is available at 70 by 72 inches dimensions.

  1. Ruffled Curtain

It is one of country shower curtains which enunciate elegant femininity in its design. The color is simple and gentle white with slight sheer surface. This choice of color does not only enhance the hygiene vibe of your bathroom. It also makes the bathroom looking a lot softer and antique.

The ruffles are placed at the lower side of this curtain. The curtain is made of 100% cotton material. Since it cannot resist water by itself, you should line it tightly with plastic. The dimensions of this curtain are 72 by 72 inches.

  1. Patchwork Style Curtain

Many people adore patchwork material in anything ranging from clothes, handbags, and even country shower curtains. Patchwork design really has its own charm. It combines various material designs into one. Yet, the result is not mismatched at all. You get one harmonious piece.

Patchwork design is perfect for country style home, particularly since it evokes the feeling of being homemade. This particular curtain has prominent stitches when each piece of clothing is joined. It has greenish, maroon, and grey blue colors. The curtain is made of pure homespun cotton.

One of the four country shower curtains that have been described above can be your choice when it comes to designing your house’s interior. They will make your house look cozier. The curtains resonate the country feeling that your house aspires to have.