Custom Lamp Shades Ideas That are Simple Yet Elegant

Lamp is not only a functional piece of furniture in your house. It can also have nice aesthetical point that can boost the beauty of your room. One way to achieve that is by having well designed lamp shade. If you want to get creative, you can even make some custom lamp shades.

Beautiful Customized Lamp Shade Designs to Replicate

awesome lamp shades » Custom Lamp Shades Ideas That are Simple Yet Elegant

Here are some custom designed lamp shades that you can order or even make on your own using simple materials and tools.

  1. Used Sweater Shade

You have a used sweater that you no longer wear or have torn in some places? You can repurpose it as makeshift lamp shade. If your sweater has special knit pattern that will be even better. This lamp shade certainly looks like a vintage lamp shade that you can find on antique market.

  1. Fish Scale Style Shade

This idea is very simple but will yield one of the most gorgeous custom lamp shades ever. It is formed by many thin plastic sheets that are cut in circles to give appearance of fish scale. Each circle is dyed so when it is finally assembled, you will have myriad of gorgeous and shiny scales.

  1. Concrete Lamp Shade

You can order some concrete lamp shades from local crafter. This will be a unique fixture in your house. The light cascaded from such lamp shade will have gentle glow to it. This particular concrete lamp shade is shaped like broken vase to let some of the lights shine through.

  1. Origami Style Paper Shade

If you love to do origami, you will be interested in crafting this particular design. The paper lamp shade is shaped like a nest that surrounds the light bulb. Its parchment paper color makes the light bulb glows gently. There are several holes made to let the light through.

  1. Yarn Made Lamp Shade

This is a simple idea that can make you one of the most unique custom lamp shades. The lamp shade is made by surrounding lamp shade frame with yarn. This creates a nice textural aspect to the lamp shade. When you touch it, you can definitely feel that against your fingertips.

  1. Fringed Lamp Shade

Even if this design is really simple, it still looks gorgeous. This particular fringed shade has Halloween theme to it. It uses black and orange color crepe papers. The fringes are made to surround the lamp frame. A nice eye balls are providing nice and horror touch to it.

  1. Custom Drawing on Shade

You can order custom lamp shades that have beautiful and picturesque drawings on them. There are plenty options available, such as mountain scenery and even animals. Such lamp shades are going to add character and charm to your room. The brown paper color will definitely add a sense of calamity.

  1. Rosette Lamp Shade

This is one of the most charming lamp shades ever. The frame is surrounded by beautiful pink and white rosettes all around it. There is a gradation where pink and white meet around the middle part. It adds some romantic feeling to the room without being overbearing.

beautiful lamp shades » Custom Lamp Shades Ideas That are Simple Yet Elegant

Hopefully, you are going to find some of the ideas about custom lamp shades above interesting enough to try out. Some of them are simple enough to recreate on your own.