DIY Fabric Headboard and How to Make It

Headboard has function to keep the bed in proper place, especially when you do not put it next to the wall. Usually, headboard is plain plywood attached on the bed frame to distinguish between where you keep your head while sleeping and your feet. Some beds are plain with no pattern and decoration. Well, it is time to make your own DIY fabric headboard.

Exploring DIY Fabric Headboard

  1. Preparation

You have tons of ideas to make bedroom becomes more colorful. One of them is headboard decoration to change the existing bed to be more aesthetic. The first step is preparation to check what the bed frame you have and what kind of headboard that needs to be decorated with fabric.

creative diy fabric headboard design » DIY Fabric Headboard and How to Make It

DIY fabric headboard needs to adjust to what’s available, but you can make your own. Some beds have headboard that cannot be removed. This bed is usually available as one package, not assembly mode. In that case, you need to add extra cover with fabric that will be glued on the existing headboard.

  1. Tools and material

Tools for this project are simple and easy to find. You need stapler, staples, screwdriver, scissors, and saw. The latter is optional if you need to cut quickly. Usually, scissor and knife are enough for cutting fabric. Moreover, the materials are fabric, memory foam, glue, and screws. Additional compound will be added along the way, but those are the key things you should have before starting DIY fabric headboard.

  1. DIY fabric headboard

If the tools and materials are ready, you can start first instruction. Firstly, separate headboard from bed or prepare plywood that resembles headboard size. Clean and wash the entire surface then wait until they are complete dried. Add glue on one side of headboard that will face toward where you sleeping.

Attach memory foam or any smooth foundation slowly. After that, cover this area with fabric until the entire headboard is fully covered. Lock the fabric with screw or glue. You can mix both to make sure the trimming is strong. The last part is to put together headboard on bed frame.

  1. Installation

Installation for DIY fabric headboard needs the utmost concern. You can add layer on headboard surface, which means thicker than the previous condition. Even though memory foam and fabric can be adjusted to be as thin as possible, you should be careful when adding this part to the bed frame.

If your headboard cannot be removed, additional layer is added. In this case, you just put stapler and screw to attach directly. You can lock in every corner and edge to prevent depraved easily. Check again until the headboard is in the right position before ready to lock directly.

Above steps are not difficult as long as you follow the instruction properly. After understand what to do, it is time to decide what kind of fabric and pattern you need to put on headboard. The most recommended one is fabric with smooth surface yet durable to wet and dust.  Polyester is the top choice because it is common for curtain, especially in bathroom. Those are the things you should know when applying DIY fabric headboard.