Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

There are a lot of dorm room decor ideas that we can apply in order to give more WOW look at the room. Before deciding to decorate the room, make sure we know how to make changes to the procedure room in which we live so that we are not going to rush when we had to explain to the campus about the changes we did.

(1) Choose a proper bed, and since we are in the dorm room, then to get a luxury place to sleep is not kind of options we can get. We only require a single bed that can accommodate all of our needs. In order to view the bed was not too monotonous then we can choose to put blankets, pillows, and fabrics with designs and colors as we wish. When we were in the bed wall angle, then consider to make it have a dual function, namely as an additional seating area. Maximize every inch dorm room that we have to apply for a storage area including the area under the bed.

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(2) Prepare a study area consisting of chairs and tables. Include also some storage area for storing a variety of study material if the room is too small, or take advantage of the presence of a wall with apply shelves for storing books.

(3) Apply wall decor that can make the display of dorm room look more attractive began to implement a mural photo up to applying mirror. We can also put up posters on the wall that we liked the room and make certain theme so that the wall decor looks more attractive.

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In addition to some of the above, do not forget to pay attention to some other decorating elements such as lighting, extra chairs, curtains, carpet up. To increase the dorm room decor, choose the type of lighting that suits our style. There are many colorful lights with trendy styles that we can choose to complement the decor of the room. To make us more comfortable while doing various activities in addition to learning such as reading or daydreaming, then we can choose to apply a bean bag, which certainly would be very nice to have. Pairs of curtains that can make us get a better look of the room while giving us the privacy needed.

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