Essential Tips about Vertical Blind Repair

Vertical blind repair is always required when the blinds are facing some problems. Using vertical blind is common in every household, especially in those who want privacy and those who tend to prevent too much sunlight into the house. The blinds are used daily and thus they need proper maintenance and reparation if something happens to them.

Common Problems That Need Vertical Blind Repair

So, what are the common problems that happen to a vertical blind? Well, actually there are quite a lot of them. Thankfully, each one of them comes with the solution. Here is the list of the problems you most likely will encounter when you use a vertical blind at home and the vertical blind repair that will solve the problems.

simple vertical blinds » Essential Tips about Vertical Blind Repair

  1. Blinds Won’t Turn Properly

The most common problem that happens to a vertical blind is that the blinds (one or several of them) will not turn properly. It will leave a visible gap that bothers the eyes. The vertical blind repair for this problem is to check each blind properly. The reason behind the blinds that won’t turn is most likely on the twisted ropes that connect the blinds to the carrier stern. Get the twisted rope back to straight and the problem is solved.

  1. Holes on the Blinds

Holes on the blinds can be caused by a lot of things, including tears during usage or pests like rodents feasting on the blinds. The holes should be removed by applying some patching material to the holes. The patching material is widely available, with vinyl as its main patching property. It has adhesive on the back and it can be stick directly to patch up the holes.

  1. The Rod Won’t Rotate

If the rod won’t rotate, there is no way that the vertical blind will work properly. A jammed rod needs lubricants. The best vertical blind repair for this case is to spray some lubricants to the rod. The suggestion is to use WD40 or other products to smooth the way of the rod and make sure that the blinds can be opened and shut easily.

  1. The Hook is Broken

If the hook on the blinds is broken, the blind is going to fall off easily. This is why the hook must be replaced immediately when they are broken. The hook is normally made out of plastic. To avoid further damage or prevent anything like this to happen again, replace the hook with the metal one or with the iron one. They won’t break down easily and the vertical blind is going to last longer.

All of those problems above can be easily solved without the help of the professionals. However, if you think that you have no skill at all in fixing the blinds, it is better to call professional help. A handyman will get the vertical blind repair done in no time at all. All you need to do is paying them the fee to fix the blinds and the problem is solved.