Everything to Understand about One Bedroom Apartment

Having one bedroom apartment is not a nightmare at all. A lot of people may think an apartment with only single bedroom is going to be very tiny and narrow. However, the fact is nothing like that. There are a lot of types and styles of apartment with single bedroom. Find out more about it down below.

The Common Types of One Bedroom Apartment

Generally speaking, an apartment with one bedroom is available in many types. There are five types of apartment using one bedroom in it. Surprisingly enough, every single one of them has unique feature and they can all be used differently.

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To extend your understanding about one bedroom apartment, here are the common types of them.

  1. Studio

Studio apartment is the most common type of the living space that has one bedroom only. In this apartment, the kitchen and the bathroom are in the same area with the bedroom. It is like having a large space where everything comes with no partition. This type of apartment is perfect for those who want to live alone comfortably.

  1. Alcove Studio

Alcove Studio is a one bedroom apartment with a bit of partition. It is like the upgraded version of the regular studio type. In the alcove type, there will be a slight partition in L shape right in the entrance of the living space. The partition is to give boundary between the public area and the private area.

  1. Convertible Studio

Convertible Studio apartment is like the massive version of the regular studio. The shape and concept is exactly the same as the studio apartment, but much bigger. The apartment is large enough for the owner to get portable room separator and to create 2 rooms in the apartment. Even so, technically, the apartment has one bedroom only.

  1. Flex

Flex is a large apartment with one bedroom and with spacious area outside the bedroom that it can be converted into anything. This is why this kind of apartment is called flex. Flex here means flexible. The area can be turned into dining room, living room, or even into another bedroom by applying removable drywall or portable room partition. That way, the one bedroom apartment is going to look more livable.

  1. Loft

Loft is a single bedroom apartment with high ceiling. That is why when people live in a loft-type apartment, they will take benefits of the height of the room. Most of them use bunk bed or build a sort of indoor tree house in the apartment to enhance the beauty as well as the cozy feature of the living space.

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Even though the living space is completed by a single bedroom only, some of apartment types above seem to be spacious enough to make you live comfortably. Make sure you can choose any type of apartment that matches the need of yours. After all, when you are living on your own and want high privacy, one bedroom apartment seems to be the best option to have.