Everything You Need to Know about Low Profile Ceiling Fans

Low profile ceiling fan is something mandatory to have in order to make a room cooler and look amazing at the same time. This kind of fan is probably less well-known than the regular ceiling fan. However, it has numerous benefits to give to its owner, especially for those who have the problem of limited living space.

Low Profile Ceiling Fan: From A to Z

For those who are not too familiar with low profile ceiling fan, here is the full explanation about it. The information down below contains everything you need to know about the ceiling fan, starting from its definition to the safety note when you install the fan. It also tells you the benefit as well as the downside of the fan.

low profile ceiling fan design » Everything You Need to Know about Low Profile Ceiling Fans

  1. What is it?

Low profile ceiling fan is the type of fan installed directly to the ceiling, without any usage of a downrod or additional bridging tool to connect the fan to the ceiling. With the elimination of the downrod, the floor-to-ceiling space is going to look bigger and higher.

  1. Who Needs to Buy it?

The fan is suitable for those who live in limited space. The fan does not need any downrod. They will get mounted right on the ceiling. Surely it takes up less space. This is why anyone who lives in tiny house or tiny apartment can take advantages of this kind of fan. It is going to make their small living space completed by fan without making it even narrower because of the downrod.

  1. Its Best Benefit

The best benefit of using this type of ceiling fan is that those who live in limited space still get the chance to have something too cool off the air in the room. Also, the ceiling fan is going to get installed right under the ceiling, making it harder to be reached by children, even when they are standing on a tall chair.

  1. Its Downside

The most obvious downside of the low profile ceiling fan is the fact that the fan won’t be able to move as much air. This is why using this kind of fan is not going to cool the room as much as you have thought. The reason behind this is because the air flow produced by the fan is heavily restricted by the position of blades that are relatively very close to the ceiling.

  1. Safety Note for the Installation

The most essential thing to remember during the installation of the ceiling fan is to make sure that the ceiling is sturdy and the ceiling is installed properly. If the ceiling is relatively weak and thin, it will not be able to support the weight and the vibration from the fan, causing the ceiling to break down. If the fan is not installed properly, it will has a lot of issues, including too strong vibrations that may tear the ceiling even easier.

Now that you know everything about low profile ceiling fan, you can make sure you use this kind of ceiling fan if you live in an area where the floor-to-ceiling space is quite limited. The fan ceiling is going to make the room cooler without sacrificing the space.