Finding Garage Floor Tiles

Choose garage floor tiles that suit your needsGarage floor tiles come in a wide selection of designs, shapes, sizes, and materials that we can choose according to the needs and tastes of each homeowner. Basically, garage floor coverings come in two styles namely mats and tiles are both very easy to install. For garage tiles, we will find three types of tiles are commonly used namely rigid plastic tiles, flexible rubber and plastic tiles, and wood composite tiles. Each of these types of tiles has advantages and disadvantages of each that we need to consider before deciding to apply one of the three types.

(1) Rigid plastic tiles – this is a type of garage floor tiles that made from PVC and has a thickness of about 1/4 inch. Because it is made of PVC, then we do not need to worry about its durability – this material is highly resistant to a variety of floor main enemies such as oil, grease, and other chemicals.

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(2) Flexible rubber and plastic tiles – this is the type of tile that is very soft, easy to install, and also easy when we want to replace it. Durability offered by these types of tiles that are very reliable for a long time. As one of the most popular materials, the rubber will allow us to obtain high traction when walking on it so no need to worry if the kids play in the garage.

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(3) Wood composite tiles – this is a type of tile made from wood composite, has a polyethylene moisture barrier on the bottom that will protect the tiles from the moist, very easy to install, and can be placed in areas with climate or temperature changes. And as is usually the wood will swell due to changes in temperature, it is advisable to give a distance of 1/4 inch between the tiles and the wall.

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