Flower Garden Design Ideas that Will Help You to Start Gardening

Great landscape can be achieved by designing you garden using a beautiful flower garden design. The idea of planting flowers can be intimidating and overwhelming. Before you begin, you need to do research for flowers and familiarize yourself with how several types of flowers will perform in your garden. If you are a beginner in designing a garden and feeling confused on how to arrange a perfect design, make sure to take few designs below into consideration.

stunning flower garden ideas » Flower Garden Design Ideas that Will Help You to Start Gardening

Lovely Flower Garden Design for You to Build Your Own

To choose flower garden design, make sure to measure the garden size because it will lead to the types of plant you will choose. Plan how your flowers will fit your garden, especially if you plan to build a path to access the middle of garden. Estimate the average height of the plant flowers that you want. Then, you can start to choose the design compatible for it.

wonderful flower garden decor » Flower Garden Design Ideas that Will Help You to Start Gardening

  1. Cottage-style garden

Classic cottage garden is originally built around cottage. It goes great if you have space limitation. It is meant for casual and country style feels, rather than luxury and pretentious feelings. You can go with a lot of varieties of flowers to have cottage garden like roses, daisies, or baby’s breath flowers.

  1. Woodland garden

If you are more of a busy person, you may prefer low-maintenance garden. Woodland garden is one of flower garden design that fits the criteria. It also works if your garden get minimum amount of sunshine and maximum amount of shade. In spring, flowers like azaleas, primroses, and bleeding hearts will look glorious in woodland garden.

  1. Formal garden

Formal garden is the flower garden design that prioritizes symmetry and simplicity. It has clear structure and symmetrical layout. Some formal gardens do not need a lot of plants and flowers varieties. Flowering plants with mounding habits like roses and lavender are suitable and perfect for formal garden.

  1. Wildflower garden

Wildflower garden has natural spirit to it. Wildflowers are types of plant that are hardy and self-producing. It is a little bit high-maintenance, but is a low-cost alternative for gardening, because the plants mostly like poor soil and neglect. Some wildflower plants are cornflowers, fleabanes, and columbines.

  1. Rustic garden

Country charm, flea market, salvage yard, and rustic garden, all have the same vibes to it. If you have extra flowing of creativity juices, you can go unique with rustic garden. This garden design has authentic, natural, rough feelings in it. You can plant some easy-to-maintain flowers like lilies, iris, or clematis. And then add garden gate, repurposed chandelier, and vintage lamps.

beautiful flower garden design » Flower Garden Design Ideas that Will Help You to Start Gardening

Once you build a flower garden, don’t forget to invest on soil like compost, and water your plants wisely according to their needs.  Remember some flowers bloom at varying times of the year, while the rest are annual and will die every winter. If you want to maintain a sequence of bloom and consistent color throughout the year, do not hesitate to change some things here and there like combining few designs together for your flower garden design.