Garage Bike Storage Design Ideas

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Garage bike storage comes in a variety of designs that we can adjust to the availability of space we have. By having garage bike storage, then we can save space and make the room look neat and well organized. We could find garage bike storage designs that we can apply and we have to know that all have advantages and disadvantages of each. Here are some of them. The first is the bicycle stand – this is one idea that we can apply to store bicycles. Unfortunately, implementing this design will make us spend more space on the floor. So, if we do not have a lot of space on the floor, do not apply this design. The second is to apply the folding wall mounted bike rack – this is one idea that will allow us to store the bike in a safe place that is on the garage wall. Moreover, applying this design also does not require a lot of money. Unfortunately, this is a design that is solely devoted to one bike only. If we have some bikes, then we cannot lift it all up to the shelf.

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There are many homeowners simply utilizing floor space in the garage at their disposal to create a bicycle storage area that they have or use a stool or shelf and then put in a little above the floor. In fact, we can create more space by applying a garage ceiling shelving as garage bike storage design. Yup, this is one idea that we can apply to create more space on the floor to store bicycles. Alternatively, we could use the garage bike racks are available as one solution to store our bikes in a safer place. Ensure that the storage area we choose safety is important, but in addition to the safety factor, we also have to make sure that the storage area could reduce chaos and make the garage look neater appearance and organized.

hanging garage bike rack » Garage Bike Storage Design Ideas