Georgian Home Design Features

Spacious and comfortable home plan – Speaking about the Georgian home plan is tantamount to talk about a design house that is symmetrical, orderly, with a rectangular shape. We will find a home with a stylish interior and exterior as well as formal and symmetrical symmetry in the classical style of the Renaissance. Georgian style has a combination of classic architectural style of ancient Greek, Roman, and Italian renaissance style. And to know that the Georgian style house is the most dominant force is applied in America in the 18th century precisely along the East Coast.

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Georgian style house usually has the following features:

(1) a square-shaped and symmetrical;

(2) paneled front door in the middle;

(3) has a decorative crown on the top of the front door;

(4) has flattened columns on each side of the door;

(5) have 5 pieces window on the front;

(6) has a pair of chimneys;

(7) equipped with a medium-sized pitched roof; and

(8) equipped with minimal roof overhang.

In addition to having some distinctive features as mentioned above, many Georgian style houses that have 9 or 12 window panes in each window sash, and have dentil molding along the roof with the form resemble a tooth or square shape.

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Georgian home plan is a design house with a magnificent and symmetrical design that mimics the style of other homes that are larger in size. If we want to get more elaborate designs on the Georgian style, then we can visit to England to see it. Spacious and comfortable are two words that we will get when entering the Georgian-style house. If we intend to apply the Georgian style then be prepared to apply for minimalist style house with this style tend to be less ornate room so we would have a big, broad, yet minimal decoration. Build a house with a Georgian style will make us have to do care for wood and brick construction used. Both are the most important building materials that should we keeps and properly care so that the design will remain intact beautiful home.

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