Hanging Curtain Rods and Few Things to Know

Curtain has functions as the cover to protect window from direct sight. In order to hang this curtain, you need hanging curtain rods. Keep in mind some rods are not for hanging installation, but they are rare to find at house. You should know about curtain rods before buying and installing them properly.

Knowing More about Hanging Curtain Rods

  1. Function

Curtain rod is the device to support curtain and keep it in hanging mode. You can attach it few inches above the window edge then put the curtain through grommets. After that, you can close or line up the curtain to cover the window.

hanging curtain rod design » Hanging Curtain Rods and Few Things to Know

Besides for that function, you can use the rod for shades that’s same similar to curtain, but it is rigid and fixed cover. This is alternative if the room wants to be completely closed from any view. That’s why this kind of device mostly called as hanging curtain rods.

  1. Type of rods

You already know the function, and the next thing is the type of rods. There is not much fancy look regarding curtain rods in term of design. It is like long tube with strong material, and some of them are relatively lightweight. On the other hand, some rods look different due to the configuration and capability. For example, the simple rod will have long usual tool and additional section like zip line up for curtain grommets. This is the most common style for simple rod.

Another rod type uses double mode. It has two rods side by side each other that connect to single form. This kind of rod is usually for window where you need two shades. The first one is directly closed to the window with subtle color, such as white. It keeps the room from sharp light, but still provides enough light. The second rod is for full curtain mode with heavy fabric. In broad daylight, you can only use the first curtain, and the latter is for the night. That’s what you should know about the type of hanging curtain rods.

  1. Installation

Most hanging curtain rods are installed in window frame. Another place is in room as separation between one spot and another. Clinic or health service often uses curtain to add more privacy. Besides, you can install it in the room, especially when you need informal partition. Some hotels add curtain to manage room decoration and arrangement.

Hanging curtain is also applicable for bathroom or shower area. This kind of curtain is called shower curtain based on where this stuff is installed. Most rods for curtain are attached directly in both sides. On the other hand, the rods for shower curtain might use hanger for themselves. You can remove the curtain and its rod easily.

  1. Material

Most rods for curtain are made of metal since it is cheap, durable, and easy to install. In past time, bamboo and wood was the major products. However, wood is not enough to handle heavy fabric curtain. That’s why you need to consider metal, although plastic is also eligible as long as the curtain is lightweight. This is important information regarding hanging curtain rods.