Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Information about Its Basic Steps

Hardwood floor can age. It can grow older and as the time goes, the appearance of its wood floor will start to change. It is not only caused by the ages, but scratches and activities on the floor for years also affect the condition. Luckily, wood flooring is different from other types of floor. It can be recovered and rejuvenated. There is hardwood floor refinishing that will bring back the great design and look of your precious flooring.

Information Regarding the Hardwood Floor Refinishing

When talking about hardwood floor refinishing, it can involve long steps and long durations. The steps mostly are the same, but duration can be different and it depends on the width of the room and its floor. When it is large, of course it can take longer duration. However, the results will not make you disappointed. Of course, it is also possible to hire professionals to do the job. In case you still want to know more about the floor refinishing, it is good to see these points.

Cleaning and sanding

This is the early step in the process of refinishing the hardwood floor. In this process, cleaning the floor is basic things to do. The floor is swept and cleaned to remove the dusts and other kinds of debris from the floor.

hardwood floor refinishing project » Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Information about Its Basic Steps

Once it is done, it is time to start sanding. Sanding refers to process of removing the damaged surface. These can be damaged due to age and other problems. By using sanders, these damaged surfaces can be removed.

For the case of large floor, it is recommended to use sanding machine. This sander work effectively and it can be pulled while moving and cleaning the floor. However, it cannot cover the small space or corners. For these parts, hand sanders must be used.

Once the sanding process is done, the floor can be cleaned. It will not be effective when it is cleaned by sweeping it. It will be better to use vacuum cleaner. It can absorb the dusts from the removed layers well.

Refinishing process

For the refinishing treatment, there are two options. First, stain can be used. It is not kind of stain that will only make the hardwood floor dirty. In the process of hardwood floor refinishing, stain is kind of liquid applied to the floor. It will be able to change the color. The stain is also able to enhance the wood and its characteristic.

For some other cases, stains are not enough. That is why paints are chosen for the treatment. It is done when you want to color the wood with something new. Of course, this treatment will not keep the wooden texture and color.

Applying protective layer

The layers are already removed in the early process of hardwood floor refinishing. That is why new layer must be applied. As its name, it will protect the wood from the direct scratches and other damages.

There are various kinds of protective layers. Each layer substances have different features and it can depend on the personal preference and the condition of the hardwood floor. These will keep the color and even make the hardwood look better.

Those are some kinds of basic information about refinishing process for wood floor. These can take time, but the process is great. Of course, if it is hard to do by yourself, professionals can be hired to do the hardwood floor refinishing.