Home Cafe Interior Design Plans

Make your own café look adorable – When we talk about architecture interior design, then we can be sure we will talk about a wide selection of stunning interiors and makes us spellbound in a matter of seconds. There are many interior design options that we can get both for residential and for commercial buildings. If at this time we are trying to create an interior design that matches our taste and personality for the cafe which we dream, then the home cafe by Penda above could be a very good reference.

home cafe interior design 01 » Home Cafe Interior Design Plans

It is a home cafe built using recycled steel bar that can be ascertained environmentally friendly, hundreds of books, lamps, until the modular divider shelving with charming plants. Yup, it could say this is a design that tries to insert two different things in one room namely horticulture is represented by the use of many plants and industries. When we look at where the cafe was established, perhaps we will understand. The cafe is located in China which currently has the air pollution level is high enough so that the existence of a cafe that carries shades of green is needed by its citizens. By entering this cafe, the visitors will have the opportunity to get clean air that would be very useful for health.

home cafe interior design 02 » Home Cafe Interior Design Plans

Regardless of this, let’s look further architecture interior design offered by this cafe. The use of recycled steel bars used as the main interior design features of cafe are hidden in the structure of the building and then brought back by utilizing light and make bar recycled steel limelight. We can see the dominant color on the cafe that is black from recycled steel bars and modular grid system with a cubic frame design that can be combined to rack with different sizes, beige for bookcases and plants, and green are derived from plants that are applied in the rack. Some types of plants are used in the cafe is an easy plant to grow like sword ferns to spider plants. We can also find a variety of herbs that will give a pleasant feeling while in the cafe. So, if we want to present an interior design that promotes environmentally friendly feelings and different in cafés or other commercial building, we can make home cafe by Penda as a good reference.

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*source : contemporist