Home Decorating: Living in Harmony

Home Decorating: Living in Harmony – Creating house to be a homey house is not a simple thing but not a hard to do also. Living in harmony by arranging your house in a proper way, may become the answer to create the homey house.  Make the homey feeling in your house by decorating your house harmonically will give you the best atmosphere of your life. Family agreement is the pivotal part to reach the harmony in turning your house into the homey   house. Deciding and discussing the theme to decorate your house is an essential time to get closer with family members. Every family member may give some ideas to decorate the house, so every family member feels their personal part in the house and they have their sense of belonging of the house.

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Well then, now let’s ride this overview of how to turn your house into the homey one. The first thing you may do is listing what your family members need inside the house. Do your children need their personal room? Or the shared room still covers their days? For family who has teenage children, it might be needed to give them space by giving them their personal room. Though it is called personal, but you have to consider the access that allows you to observe them anytime. Now we move on to the family room. It is the main part of the house, because in this room you can gather with all of your family. It is needed to design your family room as cosy as possible.  Designing every room to decorate your house into their functional and effective place is needed to be concerned. Such as placing the living room and dining room close each other in order to tight the family interaction. Feng Shui expert may help you to decorate your house in order to site the room in a right place on the flowing of the positive energy.

The next ride to decorate your house is choosing the colour paint, if you want to decorate your house with the bright colour, make sure that the colours come into the right combination, but if you are not sure with that one, just play with the soft colour such as pastels or the neutral colour such as white or off-white. The lighting matter also needs to be concerned, you must do not want to have the room with the over or even under lighting. The exposure of lighting must be suited to the function of the room.   You may put the good light in your working room but the soft one in your bed room. Family room is better attached by large windows in order to let the sun shines inside the room; this method will also help you to minimize the using of electricity. Your night lighting can be supported by the up lighters with minimalist or classic style. And do not forget to harmonize and unite your lamp choice with the furniture, rooms, and the painted wall. You may elaborate your decorating section by your personal taste, but do not forget to involve your family members on it. Happy harmonizing your homey house.