How to Clean Mini Blinds Properly With Simple Methods

Blinds have function to cover the window and protect the room from direct exposure. Usually, you can install them inside the windows, not from the outside frame. However, dust and stains also come from the room. As the result, you may see the blinds not in clean and good appearance. So, how to clean mini blinds properly? The answer for this question is at the following section

Steps on How to Clean Mini Blinds

The methods will be divided into three categories. You can clean while the blinds are still hanging in the windows from inside and outdoor. Second way is to remove and fold, and then soak them. Moreover, you can also brush and keep them dry.

mini blinds cleaning guide » How to Clean Mini Blinds Properly With Simple Methods

  1. Cleaning hanging blinds

First step on how to clean mini blinds is just cleaning while the blinds are still attached. The process looks simple but needs several attentions. The first method is vacuum cleaner that directly absorbs any dust and debris on blinds. You should be careful when using vacuum because the blinds might deteriorate.

Another way is manual process using soaked cloth. You may use warm water then clean the blinds directly with wet cloth. After that, clean with dry cloth and repeat this method simultaneously. If the stains are difficult to get rid of with this process, it is time to mix the water and vinegar. To reach top section, try to stand on stool or foldable chair. This process is from indoor area where the blinds are attached. You should clean from opposite side through outdoor part.

  1. Soaking blinds

Cleaning while still hanging is only for minor dust. You need extra method for how to clean mini blinds when the dust and stains are heavily attached on surface. Just brush and vacuum the blinds to get rid of small things. After that, you are free from direct exposure when removing it from window frame.

Fold the blinds when you carry them to the cleaning room. Prepare big basket or anything that’s possible to soak them entirely. Use warm water and soak them for one hour. All stains will be easy to remove inside the water. Avoid this process for wood blinds. As alternative, you can only pour water directly on surface and rub them slowly.

  1. Brush and keep blind dry

The next step on how to clean mini blinds is brushing and drying. Both can be done separately or you can put together in one place. Brushing or rubbing is the step to make sure the entire blinds are clean. As you know, blinds have tricky configuration between one layer and another. That’s why rubbing helps to reach the tight spot that’s not easy to vacuum.

To dry properly, you should spread the blinds in large area. Manual drying is ideal if you need immediate cleaning blinds to install. However, it is better to let blinds to be dried through direct sunlight. The result is significant, particularly for wood blinds. Of course, you should avoid extreme heat during broad daylight.

Well, the steps above are related each other, but you can choose one. If the blinds are not much dirty, vacuum and soaked cloth is enough. Further steps on how to clean mini blinds are only applicable when the blinds need extra cleaning.