How to Install Flat Panel TV Wall Mount

Are you going to install your sophisticated flat-panel TV wall mounts? Here we have some tips to install the wall-mounted TV and to hide the wires properly.

Flat-panel TV wall mounts offer pleasing sight as well as sophisticated ambience to any room. With high quality of sounds and pictures, flat TV offers a better experience to enjoy your spare time. However, the wires and power cables may interrupt the perfection of flat screen TV. Installing the TV and hiding the wires inside the wall can be a smart solution to perfect the sight. Nevertheless, installing wall mounted TV can be frustrating if you cannot find the best way. If you already understand the guideline of how to install flat panel TV wall mount, get the tips here.

flat panel tv wall mount designs » How to Install Flat Panel TV Wall Mount

Before getting started, you better review the options of mounting the flat screen TV. You can simply hide the wires behind furniture, use decorative moldings to blend with the walls or permanently hide the wires on the wall. Today, most of flat-panel TV wall mounts using the second option to hide the wire. The decorative moldings blend perfectly with the walls and even it adds decorative touch around the flat screen TV. Compared to hiding the wires on the wall, decorative molding is quite simple and practical as it only takes a few hours and doesn’t require too much drilling.

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Most of flat-screen TVs comes along with clear instruction related to how to mount the TV, especially with flat panel TV wall mount shelf. Simply follow the instruction for better installation. When locating the flat TV, make sure the whole family can enjoy and view the wall-mounted TV comfortably. After determining the location, use tape to layout where the TV will be placed. It helps you get the correct location of flat screen TV. If the wires of your flat-panel TV wall mounts will be hidden inside the wall, make sure that the wires do not run through exterior wall.