How to Mix and Match the Colors for Black Furniture

How to Mix and Match the Colors for Black Furniture – Every house owner certainly has their own perception and personal taste about what they like and what they don’t like for their home furniture. But still that there are theories and standard in choosing what things are best for complementing the other things. One of people’s favorite is using the black furniture concepts on their home. Black furniture itself somehow create the sense of strong, elegance and so sophisticatedly stylish. As the darkest color of all, black is theoretically able to be matched with any colors. It might sound so simple but the actual act in the design life is not as easy as it looks. Thus, some inspiration designs below can be taken as your consideration in choosing and creating the balance of your black furniture with others.

black furniture blue wall » How to Mix and Match the Colors for Black Furniture

As we know just by seeing the black furniture you have, these black stuff are so strong and dominance. Even more, they overall are the things that determine the whole concept of the room. Thus, the contrast colors will help you to balance the concept so it won’t be too dark or gloomy. Even more, putting the different combinations of colors side by side with the black will apparently create a totally different concept or sense compared to one another.

For instance, take the example of your bedroom. I am sure that everybody agrees that a bedroom should give you a kind of relax and romantic side of the owner as it is the room for you to get some rest. Even the black appears to be too strong for relaxing atmosphere; you can balance it by having some brighter and softer colors to manage emerging that relaxing sense. So, what you can do is for instance, having the black for the bed base combined with pastel or light shades green, peach, pink or turquoise colors of bed and its stuff, like pillow, the sheets, blanket, and so on. It can be applied as well on the window of black frame; by adding the curtain of the same colors as the bed.

black furniture white wall » How to Mix and Match the Colors for Black Furniture

Some other options also depend on what concept you are going to have, whether you want the room to be more modern, classical or minimalist. If you prefer the minimalist concept, then the black must come with the white. But if you want to have the room with more classical and warm atmosphere, you can have the black combined with the beige or light brown colors.

Not just depending on the color of other furniture, but the color of the walls and the floor also determine the concept of the room itself, especially when you choose the black furniture, we have to be carefully in choosing the color of the walls and floor. The edgy ‘black and white’ concept can create the more modern and sophisticated style of the room, as for instance, some black furniture combined with black and white wallpapers. Or else, you can have the brown painted wall that will successfully create the more harmonious room. The other example, you can also match it with kind of yellow and orange to build the warmness of the room.

black furniture pink wall » How to Mix and Match the Colors for Black Furniture

Besides, the choosing of the furniture texture also takes an important role for the whole decoration. Choose the softer texture and fabrics like silk or cotton. But the color of them must be a bit colorful so that the whole room will not fall flat. These colorful stuffs might be presented in some artworks like painting, or other decoration that will complement your black furniture perfectly.