Inspiring Wonderful Wooden Gazebo Design to Try

If you are on search for wooden gazebo design, there are lots of ideas to pick up. Gazebo is a great investment to upgrade your front yard or backyard view. It can transform the garden into something fun and unique. Gazebo also provides a space to relax and unwind. If you head toward natural style, wooden is a great material to use.

Designs That Go Well with Wooden Material for Gazebo

The benefit of wooden materials is that it is durable and will last for a long time with proper care.  Treated pine or hardwoods are suitable for wooden gazebo to use outdoors. Wooden gazebo designs also include the structure from the wood, but the roofing material is up to you to choose. Also it can be styled simple, carved, or rustic, whatever style you’d like to prefer. Here are some designs you can consider for your wooden gazebo.

simple wooden gazebo design » Inspiring Wonderful Wooden Gazebo Design to Try

  1. Gazebo with raised floor

Depending on where your gazebo is placed, different styles can also be applied. For this wooden gazebo design, it’s more appropriate for front yard because it will catch the attention of your visitors when they step into your house. Raised floor gazebo will make it seems like you live on an uphill.

  1. Classic simple gazebo

The second design is to go with timeless style. It just has to match with the garden landscape because it will become the focal point or your yard. It looks simple and easy on the eyes, and can be elevated by putting chairs and table for relaxing.

  1. Shaded gazebo

Naturally, shade is what the roof of the gazebo is aiming for. You need to have plenty of room because this gazebo design is going to occupy a huge space. The point of this design is on the roofing style. It is suitable for any seasons, but especially on summer when the sun is high and you need a protection.

  1. Octagonal style gazebo

So, you have limited space, but still you want to build wooden gazebo design with practicality in mind. You can choose octagonal style because it can be a stand-alone or you can attach it to your building. It has unique quality to add beauty to your garden looks. It also flexible and can be customized size-wise.

  1. The masterpiece gazebo

Spacious gazebo is great to entertain family and friends. You can hold parties and gatherings outside. Using cozy material that is wood, you can construct an exceptional gazebo. It looks splendid with double roof levels and staircases.

  1. Flowery gazebo

To build a flowery gazebo is quiet easy. Paint your simple-structured gazebo with white, and then add climbing roses, greeneries, and flower to the sides. This wooden gazebo design will look more natural with wood materials roofing. It is extraordinary natural and inexplicably beautiful.

Some designs above can inspire you to build or install gazebo if you are lucky enough to have large garden and time to work on it. Gazebo with amazing design to function is great to add comfort and transform your space. Don’t forget to be creative as the inspiration for wooden gazebo design can be found anywhere.