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Interior architecture design is basically a world full of people who are each competent in order to present a work of architecture that could make anyone stunned made. It is a world that demands skill, ingenuity, able to provide creative solutions, and able to improve the quality of life and culture of design accomplishment. The interior architecture will take us on a couple of things ranging from art and science of designing the interiors of various buildings, until a general term used to describe the interior of the building along with its characteristics.

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For simple understanding, the interior architecture is an interior design in architectural terms. Then, how can we start this type of work? Well, in order to be a qualified in this field, in addition to the quality of formal education in the field of architecture, then we will also need some experience with high flying hours. This is certainly not an easy process and fast – there is quite a long time that will go through to get through each process requested. We are not only required to have a keen eye and are able to analyze things properly, but we will also need a degree from a leading interior design school accredited well to start the interior architecture. We can also get an education from an interior design school via online when we do not have enough time to undergo regular education.

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Like the two sides of different currencies, interior architecture design is two things that cannot be separated. Both must go together even though there may be some differences we would find. In addition to acquiring a formal education and have experience, anything else that will affect the future of an interior designer is the ability to satisfy clients. To achieve this, we have to understand everything including how to face client management, how to establish good communication with clients, to how we understand the project’s technical and artistic requirements.

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