Kid Bedroom Design Tips

Get your imagination fly – When we talk about kid bedroom designs, then we will get a wide selection of design ideas in an almost infinite number of different sources ranging from books, magazines, catalogs, brochures, and the Internet. We will ‘drown’ in a wide selection of beautiful and creative designs that made us fall in love. We can choose one of them and develop a design idea that we get and make some adjustments to suit various tastes, needs and abilities. It will be a fun decorating work to be done together with the children. We can ask for their consideration in deciding the right design applied to their bedrooms according to their likes. Certainly the bond between parent and child will therefore more closely.

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Here are some kid bedroom designs that we can make a useful reference.

(1) Applying design secret room like in the movie of The Chronicles of Narnia – if our children love this movie, then we can help to realize their bedroom into a secret room by applying the cabinet without the back wall are painted according to taste and then we place right before the child’s bedroom door. It will make them develop what the imagination and help them develop imagination and creativity for the better.

(2) Implement the design of pirate ship – pirate ship is one design that will make the children have a wide imagination – like the wide of ocean. We can apply this design to the bedroom with a child aged 6 years and above where we could make the ship building mounted below the ceiling complete with a strong rope bridge and a hiding place. We can also draw marine life on the walls to strengthen the atmosphere we want.

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Some other kid bedroom designs that we can apply include: spaceship bed, secret room on the tree, until the descent to the playroom. Some of the design ideas will surely make the kids bedroom looks more attractive and certainly makes them comfortable to linger in their room. So, what else are we waiting for? Immediately get the right idea for our kid bedroom, develop ideas, and apply the ideas for the sake of a smile broke across the face of our children.

charming kid bedroom design » Kid Bedroom Design Tips