Leaded Glass Windows for Decoration with Functional and Aesthetic Purposes

Leaded glass windows or leadlight glasses are the decorative glasses installed in the window with distinct pattern and separate came. The latter is the key to separate between leaded and stained glass. Many people often interchange both terms to refer the same thing. In fact, they are different in configuration and installation technique. The only similarity is related to attractive pattern as the result on glass window.

Exploring more about Leaded Glass Windows

Church or old buildings from renaissance era have decorative ceiling and windows. From interior, people can see the pattern with attractive painting or just simple geometrical ornament. Those windows are decorated excessively from inside not outer layer. From outdoor, the windows look like regular one to confront the sunlight.

artistic leaded glass windows » Leaded Glass Windows for Decoration with Functional and Aesthetic Purposes

The history

From that fact, leaded glass windows have been around since long time ago. Historical research showed that this kind of decoration was common in Roman and Byzantium architecture. However, it is not available anymore because it was destroyed and depraved after long period.

After that, almost classic architectural building adopts this kind of decoration for their palace, castle, church, and important building. On the other side, leaded glass was common for people to add in their home. In fact, some residential areas still have it since first building. Now, the leaded or leadlight glass style becomes alternative from luxury stained glass decoration.

The configuration

To know about leaded glass windows, it is best to explore the way this glass is configured. Two glasses are attached on window with different colors. Outer layer is still capable to deliver smooth sunlight to interior. Meanwhile, inner layer is mostly in light tone but has decorative pattern. The outer is plain yet looks like having pattern from outside view. This thing happens because the pattern at inside is what leaded glass supposed to be.

The pattern and ornament

In simple term, this glass layer has pattern or ornament attached as painting directly to canvas. The glass is still pure and plain without those patterns. That’s why any glass is still capable to be the leaded form, but it is better with glass that has thick material. When adding pattern or painting, artists use special technique to ensure the design looks bright when sunlight hits from outer layer. Due to difficulty, this window design is commonly in geometrical style, such as round, oval, arc, square, rectangle, triangle, etc.

Both two layers are not in direct touch each other. There is frame called came as it mentioned in previous section. This one is holder to prevent both glasses touch directly. As the result, the window is protected from outer force directly. Furthermore, the small gap in leaded glass windows will create fascinating decoration. Moreover, this is the reason why stained and leaded glasses are different.  Both are attached but the stained one doesn’t have the came to separate. It means both of them are attached firmly.

Installation is mostly separated between outer and inner part. The building is done alongside glass window then the owners start to decorate through additional layer from inner side. When the glass is broken, repairing takes less time and doesn’t have to change the entire configuration. Furthermore, the owners may change leaded glass windows based on decoration that they need for the room.