Log Cabin Decor and the Reference of Design for Your New House

When you are going to build a house, having good decoration is important. These can determine how your house will look like. In this case, log cabin decor can be good alternative of design. You will love it since it is more than just room decoration. .

Good Design of Log Cabin Decor as Your Reference

Modern or contemporary designs are quite popular nowadays. However, it does not mean that you cannot make your house into log cabin. It is going to be your house and you are the one staying in there. Moreover, there are also good references of log cabin decor. If you want to see the details, these can give you insights.

attractive log cabin decor » Log Cabin Decor and the Reference of Design for Your New House

  1. Kitchen area

First part to see is the kitchen area. In this part, you will find wooden material dominating the cooking space. From this main element, you can see the warmth and comfort provided by the room decoration.

The woods are applied in most of the kitchen interior. There are cabinet and these are made from wood. Then, its ceiling is not tall enough and this has big wood bars as the construction. These surely look great and natural.

Although the kitchen uses log cabin decor, it does not mean that all parts are made from wood. There are also modern appliances and these can be found in the stove and oven. These two also have different color tone. The appliances have metallic surface and it gives good variation in the room decoration.

Then, the house does not have kitchen. As what you can see, the log cabin decor combines the cooking area and dining table. There is unique island on the kitchen. It has good marble countertop. Then, the island construction is made from both stone and wood. There is part where it shows big stones as the base material.

All of these details make the kitchen both comfy and attractive. The color combinations and decorative items blend well in order to give good vibe. This gives best experiences both in cooking and enjoying the meals.

  1. Living room

Living room becomes next part to see. It has large space and still it has woods dominating the interior. It really shows the real taste of log cabin. However, it is made wide and the ceiling is much taller compared to the kitchen.

The woods can be found in most area of the living room. Ceiling, wall, and floor use wood. All of them are coated and polished so they have same tone of natural wood color. There is also no complicated detail for the wall treatment and furniture.

In term of furniture, it only has sofa with classical design with wooden table. Then, the furniture is placed above rug with good pattern. The rug itself also has tone of brown in order to follow the whole room decoration.

However, there is something interesting about the wall. It does not fully use wooden wall. There is fireplace connected to the chimney. This part has stone as the main material and this is not covered by concrete or plaster. It shows real visual of stone construction. Then, there are windows with glasses and wooden frame that allow people seeing outside.

Those are the great details of the cabin decoration. Although it is dominated by wooden material, other details of material makes the room design more attractive. Of course, this can become your reference when you want to apply log cabin decor in your new house.