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When we talk about one of the materials that can make the room look more charming and elegant, then we will talk about the marble. Yup, marble is one of the classic materials that are used to put out the charm of a room. We can apply marble to a variety of rooms including at bathrooms. The bathroom is one room that needs to be given a decorative touch to make it look attractive and beautiful. Although smaller in size than other existing room in the house, but to maximize the decorating style, then we will get a bathroom that WOW. One way we can do is to apply a marble bathroom design.

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Create elegant and charming feels with adding marble bathroom design

Application of marble for the bathroom will add to the overall impression of luxury. Because this is a material that has the price is not cheap then considers how much budget we have to apply the marble into the bathroom. In addition to thinking about the budget, we also have to think about the taste – whether we are going to put a marble in small amounts or to all elements of decoration such as table, sink, floor, and tile. Below is marble bathroom design that we can apply to get the style that we want with considering out needs and ability.

marble bathroom design » Marble Bathroom Design Plans

(1) Striking – that is to say, we will apply the marble with a choice of intense colors and patterns that will make the bathroom appearance look striking overall. There are many patterns and colors that we can get from the marble and to get a striking impression then we have to apply the colors and patterns that have a high contrast so it will instantly make eyes captivated at the sight. We can apply the color gradation of black and white to create a classic yet contemporary design or implement shades of blue to give the impression of fresh and cool in the bathroom.

(2) Sleek – if we want to apply the minimalist style using marble bathroom, then we can choose the marble with clean lines. Do not choose a marble with decorative or curves here and there because it will not support the style we choose. In addition, use of marble for one or two areas only – not entirely. This is to avoid crowded impression on patterns created in marble and creating a sleek and clean design.

(3) Variations – that is means, if we have a limited budget but want to enter marble into the bathroom, then we can combine the two materials into a canvas. The combination in question is a blend of marble and other kind of stones, marble with plastic resin, marble with glass aggregate, and others. This will require imagination and creativity of each homeowner to produce the desired marble bathroom design.