Master Bathroom Design Ideas

Master bathroom design comes in a variety of options that we can choose according to taste and personality of each of us as homeowners. If we have a master bathroom with a size that is not so great, then we can create the illusion of space with muted color on the bathroom wall. We can also paint one wall with a lighter color to make a bathroom look more WOW. We can do that as long as we heed the color scheme that we apply – make sure there is a proper balance between the colors that we apply so as to create harmony and make the room look more charming, open, and airy course. However, if we are hesitant and afraid to experiment then apply neutral colors on the walls of the master bathroom with small size. Do not forget to pay attention to color choice on the bathroom floor to make it look more spacious and elegant with soft applying tile colors like gray, blue, or brown. If we want to make the bathroom look more dramatic, then we can apply the tile boxes are black and white.

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In order for the master bathroom design look more WOW, we can apply the mirror. Mirror not only serves as an item that will support the activities that we do in the bathroom, but also a mirror can make the room look more spacious and bigger because of the nature of mirrors that reflect light. We can put a mirror above the sink and see how small master bathroom will look more remarkable. To be more charming bathroom design, then there are some tips that we can apply.

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(1) Use a large mosaic tile as an accent in the area around the sink or shower;

(2) Apply specific theme to style decor in the master bedroom;

(3) Place fresh flowers to provide a relaxed and sophisticated look to the master bathroom. We can also get an elegant impression with fresh flowers laid at some point in the bathroom.

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