Minimalist Living Room Design Styles

Make everything look simple – The minimalist living room design is a design that will make the room look more open and larger. So, what we must consider in order to achieve these goals? Well, first, we must determine the purpose of the living room itself. Typically, the living room has a dual purpose as a place to welcome or entertain guests who came and also as a place for us and family entertainment. Furthermore, we can determine the focal point of the room. There are many of the items that we can use as a focal point from the window, a sofa, a fireplace, to chandeliers. After determining the focal point, make sure we tie it all in a harmonious bond and do not let us make the room look empty.

Remember, though called a minimalist, but we have to pay attention to every detail of the decor in the room. Choose and get the right color for the living room by using a variety of neutral colors such as white or natural earth colors like brown to green. Apply on the wall and make sure we do not apply a darker color. If we really want to use dark colors, then make sure we apply it in small portions as an accent.

Then, what about the minimalist furniture for living room? For furniture, we can choose a design that can support the look of the room kept clean and open. We can deliver large sofa combined with lounge chairs when the room that we have quite large. Do not forget to include coffee table along with ottoman that comes with a hidden storage area that can be utilized as a place to store various items. Ensure that all construction and minimalist living room design of the furniture we choose are simple and in accordance with the needs. Do not put furniture that does not have a functional value in a minimalist living room. For storage, we can choose to use a disguise storage that will help us keep the living room look neat, clutter-free, and free of messy impression. For TV cabinet, we can choose that has a slim design so it does not stand out and attract attention.

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