Modern Backyard Garden Types and Inspirations

Modern backyard garden is often made when the backyard behind the house is available to be turned into something. The best way to make a use of a vacant backyard is indeed by establishing a garden on it. Garden is something beautiful to make the backyard delightful to see. It also produces good stuff, like herbs, fruits, and flowers.

The Simple and Interesting Modern Backyard Garden Ideas

In fact, if you want to have a modern garden in backyard, you will have to understand what kind of garden style you want for it. If you have never made a garden before, here is the information related to the ideas and styles of modern backyard garden. Make sure you understand all of them properly before deciding on which type to choose and apply. Here they are.

backyard garden design with fish pond » Modern Backyard Garden Types and Inspirations

  1. The Japanese Garden

Japanese garden is one of the most popular types of modern garden today. It uses a lot of aspects of Zen to the garden to make the area simple, peaceful, and refreshing. Most of the time, the garden covers the soil with pebbles and little rocks. It also uses a lot of succulent plants and water features.

  1. Colorful Garden

In many modern gardens, colorful theme is often chosen. The modern backyard garden with colorful concept is usually filled by flowers. It is using a lot of different types of flowers in so many different color shades.

The colorful flowers make the garden looks like a paint pallets with colors here, there, and everywhere. The usage of many different types of flowers make the garden smells amazing as well. Sometimes, it makes the garden called “fragrant garden” as well.

  1. The Vertical Garden

Backyard does not always mean a vast one. There are a lot of properties with backyard but the backyard is only small in size. The perfect modern garden to make in small backyard is the vertical garden. You can tell from the name that the garden is made vertically on a vertical area, such as walls. The plants are placed in pots and the pots are arranged vertically on a designated area.

  1. The Tiered Garden

Tiered garden is the type of modern backyard garden suitable for limited space, such as small backyard or a backyard of a tiny house. Tiered here means the garden is made in levels. The plants are stacked and arranged beautifully. Flower pots are often used in this type of garden. However, the plants and flowers can also be stacked right on the tiered soiling to make it look more natural.

charming backyard garden decor » Modern Backyard Garden Types and Inspirations

Now, you know there are a lot of styles and ideas to bring on modern backyard. You can choose and decide about it from now on. There is no better way in using and occupying backyard than turning it into a garden. Do not forget to add the relaxing area to enjoy the beauty of garden, such as patio, benches, or just a few chairs here and there around your modern backyard garden.