Murano Glass Chandelier with Two Levels of Fixtures and Great Details

Well, chandelier becomes great parts to have in your house. It is not just for the sake of lighting or illumination, but chandelier can be so perfect for room decoration. The design will become the central attention in the room. In case you are looking for the attractive chandelier, murano glass chandelier can be your reference. There are actually many kinds of chandelier from murano glass, and you can find the best one.

The Great Murano Glass Chandelier to Choose

When talking about chandelier of murano glass, surely you will find there are several options to take. You will see the best designs of chandelier which are dominated by the glass. The murano glass itself is the handmade product, and chandelier cimiero crystal can be the nice option to pick.

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In term of design, there is nothing to worry about murano glass chandelier. All chandeliers show top design that will add the aesthetic look in your interior. The glass will spread the lights to bring the beauty. It is like having crystal hanging in your house.

As its name, the chandelier cimiero crystal becomes the good reference. When you really want to see the great crystals and its pendant lights, it can be picked. The design is attractive either you have large or small space of room. The chandelier is actually in two levels, so these are suitable for the big space of room. Then, it is not too large. It still can be picked in case you have small space, as long as you get the good height of the room.


As what is mentioned above, murano glass chandelier has two levels. Each level of chandelier is decorated with glass with different amount of hands. The body itself has good details of handmade glass decoration. The look is like the carved glass. Surely, they are so beautiful.

For the first level, you get six arms. They are in smaller size compared to the lower level of chandelier. These six arms of murano glass chandelier have details, and there are also smaller arms with no fixtures for lighting.

Meanwhile, the second level is the main part. It has 12 arms which are longer and bigger than the first level. Between these two levels, there is glass ornaments as well. These are not just separator since they also get good details of arms although they are not designed with light fixtures. On the lowest part, there is such great tail. It is small compared to the other parts, but still look great as the ending of design for this glass chandelier.

Those are the details of glass chandelier. Surely, there is nothing to doubt about murano glass. It is like the great results of arts. They are like diamonds hanging on the roof that will spread the lights in room. Surely, you will find great beauty from this chandelier. The details cannot be ignored and everyone will always love to see the details of murano glass chandelier.