Nautical Wall Decor to Bring the Great Vibe of Ocean

If love you ocean, it is good idea to add nautical wall decor in your house. Simply, nautical decoration represents the vibes of sea. All things connected to oceans can be the theme to bring in decoration. Of course, there is great idea of the house with nautical decoration.

Great Insights of Nautical Wall Decor

When it comes to decorate your house, it may not become simple things to do. It can be fun since you can use creativity in decorating the space. However, it will not be easy to undo in case you make some mistakes. That’s why it is great when you can have good decoration as reference.

Wall with blue in pale tone

The wall really shows the great nuance of ocean. It has good color option, and pale blue is perfect background. It really brings the vibe of sea. The color gives peaceful sensation, and it is like having nice cooling effect.

nice nautical wall decor » Nautical Wall Decor to Bring the Great Vibe of Ocean

The tone is not totally blue. Instead, it is softer which is like the combination between blue and gray. This is neutral tone that can work well with various kinds of decorative stuffs. Surely, the wall shows the beautiful nautical wall decor.

Wall painting

The second point to see is about wall painting. It is the main factor that creates the clear sensation of ocean. There are some wall paintings attached on the wall.

creative nautical wall decor » Nautical Wall Decor to Bring the Great Vibe of Ocean

The paintings have different sizes of frame, but there are some similar colors in each frame. There is combination of white and blue. Moreover, eight frames are installed to give the best composition for nautical wall decor.

There are two frames containing pictures of ships with the black background. The picture is made as if the ships are pictured by using chalk, and both of the pictures have black background. Then, there is large picture of sea weeds in combination of green, blue, and white.

Below the three paintings, there are paintings of seaweeds. These are two different picture of seaweed. Then, the lowest frames have pictures of crabs. Three frames are divided into three rows, while there are two big frames of seaweeds in the middle.

Small decorative stuffs

You can also put small decorative stuff of nautical wall decor. In this case, there is cute key holder attached on the wall. The key holder has wooden boards which painted in white. There are also some details with picture of anchor, compass, and the light house.

On one of the wall sides, there is nice sticker of whale. It looks unique to see the sticker. It only has one color and it is black. However, it blends well, and it’s like seeing a big whale swimming on the ocean.

On another side of wall, there is picture of big compass that show all the eight basic directions as what is found in the maps. In the direction, there is only letter N and S referring to north and south.

These are great ideas of house with nautical decoration. This is good theme to choose for ocean lover. When there is no time to visit beach or coast, entering the house can give you the same vibe. All decorative stuffs also become supporting elements of nautical wall decor.