Screen Porch Design Tips

Make your porch look great – There is a wide selection of screen porch designs that we can get by doing a search on a variety of sources ranging from magazines, catalogs, books, brochures, and the Internet. Basically, a screen porch will incorporate 5 elements into the overall design of the structure, and the following is the list. First, the size – make sure we choose the size that fits our wants and needs so it does not get regret later on. There are many homeowners who expressed regret not building his porch with a larger size and so on. To avoid such cases, we make sure the porch with a good design plan in accordance with the wishes and needs. By having a screen porch with a larger size allows for us to use it in a variety of fun activities along with other family members. We should think about the benefits for the future and not just thinking of the present related to the size of the porch so we could use it for years to come.

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Secondly, the location – make sure we choose the right location for the screen porch so it does not make us say things that are not as exciting as the location is too hot in the afternoon or privacy is not optimal because visible by neighbors, and so on. Consider the position of the sun at noon before choosing a location or select a screen porch on the shady side of the house to make our stay comfortable even use it during the daytime heat. Take advantage of blinds, shutters, and various other items to block the sun and make us feel relaxed when we are in it.

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Third, traffic patterns – before building a screen porch with a design that we want, consider that we want access to reach the screen porch of the house – whether we want to access it through the dining room, or whether we want to access it through the living room, or whether we want to access it through the kitchen, and so on. We also consider the frequency of use of the room so that the traffic pattern also looks more fun. Fourth, the facilities – there are a lot of facilities that we can apply in the screen porch designs ranging from an outdoor fireplace, flat screens, to wet bars. Everything will depend of their respective owners in facilitating his porch. Fifth, maintenance – make sure we choose a variety of materials and products that minimal maintenance so as not to burden us when cleaning on a regular basis.