Small Apartment Interior Decor Inspirations to Try

Small apartment interior decor inspirations are basically needed by everyone today. It is because a lot of people these days can only afford to live in small apartments. They tend to rent a one-bedroom apartment with small size to keep the rent money low. How to live comfortably in such a small space? Here are some inspirations about the idea to turn that small space into cozy, comfortable space.

The Easiest Ideas to Make Small Apartment Interior Decor Comfortable

Turning a small sized apartment into a livable area is not something too hard, though. You will just have to be clever and smart in decorate the space. The principle or the main thing to think about when you are decorating a small apartment is to keep everything simple. Find out more about small apartment interior decor down below.

Light Color Scheme is the Best

When you are living in a one-bedroom apartment, like a studio-typed one, avoid decorating the space using dark and gloomy color schemes. The best color schemes for small space are the light one, with white as the best one. Light color schemes are going to make the room bright and comfortable. It makes the room looks bigger as well.

Limit the Furniture

Of course, with the limitation of the space, you do not want to fill the room with unnecessary furniture. A lot of apartment interior decor ideas you see on magazine or internet may suggest you to use complimentary furniture like coffee tables, long benches, and so on. However, you live in a tiny space and there is no room for them. Use the essential furniture only.

Use Multi-Functional Furniture

Instead of unnecessary furniture that only serve as decorative purpose; you can use multi-functional furniture instead. There are a lot of examples of that kind of furniture as well as places where you can go get them. The best example here is the living room table with drawers on it so that you can store your clothes, shoes, and everything else right there.

Put Everything on the Wall

The best apartment interior decor ideas for the smaller space are probably to rack up everything on the wall. The wall is the area where it is blank and spacey. You can surely take advantages of this area.

In addition, install as many shelves as possible on the wall, with floating shelves as the best kinds. Then, use the shelves to arrange your stuff, including your books and cutlery. The floating shelves can also be used to display your dolls or picture frames, hence serving as decorative elements, too.

Well, with those ideas and inspirations, now you can turn the small space apartment into something really comfortable for you to live in. The ideas here are to make the best out of the space by not overdoing anything, including on the decorating elements and the furniture selections. The apartment interior decor ideas can basically make it or break it, choose wisely for that.

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