Small Ceiling Fans with Great Details to Beautify Your Room

In a house, there can be many a lot of devices to use, and ceiling fan is one of them. Although there is air conditioner that’s considered more effective to control the temperature in a room, some houses still have ceiling fan. In this case, small ceiling fans are one of the options.

Small Ceiling Fans with Light

It is true that some houses do not use ceiling fan anymore. Air conditioner works better since the temperature can be adjusted easily. However, fan is not just a device to manage the temperature. It is also the tool as part of home interior. Therefore, some houses still choose to have it.

small ceiling fan design » Small Ceiling Fans with Great Details to Beautify Your Room

Below, there are some details of the small ceiling fans.


As its name, the small ceiling fans have small size. It looks great when it is installed in the small room with lower height. The size may be small, but the good point can be seen from the detail applied on blades of ceiling fan.

It uses five small blades as the source of winds for small room. In term of color, the blades are in brown. Then, each of them has details of pattern painted in different color. It is not a sophisticated pattern, and it creates good color once the blades start to spin.

Then, when the blade stops, the details of its bracket is also interesting. The ceiling fan gets a quite large light. Moreover, the light has three fixtures with the shade taking design of flower crown. In term of design, it may look small, but there are some details that make the ceiling fan look great.


When talking about material used by small ceiling fans, it has some combinations. From its blade, it uses the kind of plastic. The color and details look good although it is plastic. When it is seen from distance, no one will expect that it is not a metal.

However, the plastic material is only found in the blades. Starting from brackets, the ceiling fan already uses metal. It is metal brackets painted in chrome, so they are shiny and there are some details carved on it. Metal material is found in the cord and other parts of motor as well.

The other different material is on the lights. The lights have glass for the main material. It is not just a simple glass since it can spread the light well. Therefore, the light is not only decoration, but it also works well to illuminate the room.

Furthermore, the rod and fixture of this ceiling fan is not made complicated. Then, it also has short length, so it does not take too much space. The details are also only found in the area of blades and its lights.

When you look for nice ceiling fan, it is good recommendation to take. It is not heavy since it has some combination of material and these facts give easier process in installation. In term of design, there are some great parts that surely will make the small ceiling fans perfect part to beautify your room.