Small Dining Room in Monochrome Concept with Fewer Details

Having small house is not big problem to worry about. Small does not mean uncomfortable. Well, it might be quite difficult, but it is still possible to solve. In this case, you need good references of small dining room. It is better to see the references and try to apply the design in your own dining room. It is not complicated design and you will like it.

The Great Decoration for Small Dining Room

It is true that it can be tricky to deal with small space in dining room. However, it should be decorated, since dining room is essential space for family time. While enjoying dinner, there can be warm vibes and great talks. In order to grab the comfort, this dining room idea can give the nice insights.

Monochrome theme

There can be various colors to choose for dining room. However, it will be different for small space. It is important to create effect, so the room does not feel narrow. In this case, white is good option. Black can also be picked. Of course, combining both of them can be perfect.

small dining room design » Small Dining Room in Monochrome Concept with Fewer Details

Monochrome becomes the great options for small dining room. This combines black and white perfectly to deal with limited space in dining room. In this interior design, white dominates the space. It gives clean and wide effect in house.

Then, black can be found in some details of furniture. For example, the dining table is painted in black. Then, the central wall gets the black color also with big painting. This painting is also painted in monochrome with white as the dominant color. For the dining chairs, it adopts the same theme with dominant white and black for the legs.


Thing that cannot be missed in this small dining room is chandelier. It does not use simple lighting fixtures. There is hanging chandelier on the roof. However, it is not kind of classical chandelier. It is more like some balls hanging on the roof. Of course, it is still in monochrome design.

The lighting is dominated by white. The balls are painted in white, and it looks great for the interior even if these are not turned on. Then, the rods are painted in black with some details of gold.


minimalist dining room decor » Small Dining Room in Monochrome Concept with Fewer Details

Unfortunately, it has fewer details in the dining room. This small dining room has no complicated decorative items. What is found is a big painting on the black wall. There is also a cabinet under the painting and it is wooden cabinet in brown. Somehow, it adds another good vibe so the room does not look boring.

On the other sides of walls, there is nothing to find. Moreover, this dining room is located facing the windows. It is good for the natural lighting, and it is perfect for the room decoration because of its white curtain.

This simple dining room looks so comfortable. It has limited details, but it is the aspect which makes the room less crowded. The color combination and concept of this small dining room will be great to apply in your house.