Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas

Applying one of the following studio apartment design ideas will surely make an appearance studio apartment feels more fun. As we know, the studio apartment is a fairly small room which consists of a main room that is used for various purposes, including as a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Surely this will be a big challenge for us to be able to present a design that is comfortable in a studio apartment because it is not an easy job. However, we do not need to worry because we can present a comfortable design by applying one of the following ideas without having to spend a lot of budget.

gorgeous studio apartment » Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas

The first idea is to maximize the existing space – yeah, it might make us a little bit under pressure because we get the room is quite small. Therefore, a careful plan will be required before deciding to apply a style specific setting. We can start by getting a computer hutch that is equipped with an overhead space where we can put the book collections to a wide range of work material there to safely and neatly. We can also get a sofa with pull out design for us to apply indoors. Do not forget to install a large mirror on the walls of the room in order to create a display room look bigger and spacious.

cozy studio apartment » Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas

Next studio apartment ideas that we can apply is to simply buy the items that we will use and make sure there are no items that are not useful in the room in order to create a functional room. When we have a limited budget, then we can get a variety of used items from various sources including the flea markets to garage sale. Another idea is to choose colors and decorative elements are capable of giving the appearance of a studio apartment look bigger and airy. For that we can choose to apply a pastel or bright colors that can create a feeling of enthusiasm and energy. Do not forget to add the artwork on the walls that make the room look more charming.