Some Ideas about L Shaped Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are one type of bed that we can choose if we want to save more space in the bedroom that limited extent. It is one type of bed is ideal for kids because we will find there are so many attractive designs and styles. One of them is L shaped bunk bed.

Consider the size and the height of the room before applying L shaped bunk bed

Bunk bed comes with a variety of different types. Before we decided to choose the type that suits our needs and tastes, it’s good for us to know some of the types offered.

(1) Bunk beds with storage – this is the kind of bunk bed that not only saves space but also will help us to gain extra storage space under the bed.
(2) Extra large bunk bed – this is the kind of bunk beds are popular because we can be used the bed for us and the children as well. Usually this type of bed comes with a double bed on the bottom and single bed at the top. We can sleep on the bottom and the child can be placed in a bed at the top. We can install a safety fence so that children do not fall.

loft bunk bed for kids » Some Ideas about L Shaped Bunk Beds
(3) Dwarf bunk bed – this is the kind of bunk bed that can be adjusted in height level (having a normal bed height). We can insert the bottom of the bed when not in use so it will look like most bed with storage area underneath.
(4) Bunk bed with stairs – this is the kind of bunk beds that require a ladder to climb on the top bed. There are many designs offered for this type of bunk bed designs including some equipped with extra storage area.
(5) Bunk beds with open shelves – this is a type of multipurpose bunk bed where we could get a bed with open shelves on both sides that we can use for various things.
(6) L shaped bunk bed – this is the kind of bunk bed that will make the bedroom look more unique and interesting. We will get a different look that would be very appropriate to be applied in a bedroom with a modern style.

l shaped bunk bed design » Some Ideas about L Shaped Bunk Beds

Besides knowing the various types of bunk beds that exist, do not forget to consider the size of the bedroom including room height. If we decide to choose the L shaped bunk beds, so we have chosen the right. This is the type of bunk bed that can make us utilize the existing space in an efficient manner. We can put this bed in the corner of the room and still get the rest of the room is large enough to be used as a place to put a variety of other necessary furniture according to the style that we apply. Even for a small apartment size, enter the bed of this kind will save space and make us get enough room to move.

extra large bunk bed » Some Ideas about L Shaped Bunk Beds