Tabletop Water Fountain Design Ideas

Your house is the best place to relax after such a long day at work. You can spend it alone or with family members. Therefore, you need a robust serene ambience to get the most out of your relaxing moments. One of the ways for it is by improving interior with tabletop water fountains. These nature-like mini fountains can enhance the zen to most spaces. There are numerous styles to choose from. Whether you prefer the modern, artistic, or classical designs, they are all available.

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What Style Do You Like for Tabletop Water Fountains?

  1. Simple Meditation and Natural Stacked Rocks

This meditation style is perfect for relaxation. It is equipped with LED lights to add modernity to the serenity. The lights will project a strong blue hue to the flowing water, making your day better after a tiring work.

Moreover, the beautifully constructed rocks can bring the outdoor vibe right to your living room. It is equipped with LED lights in every layer of stacks, projecting shiny color to the running fountain which flows in a zigzag manner following the curve of the rocks.

  1. Three Tier Cascading Basins

This is a monochromic traditional option for tabletop water fountains. It has three basins constructed on top of each other, with the smallest placed on the very peak and the biggest at the bottom. The water flows smoothly from one basin to another to give a soothing experience.

  1. Floating Faucet and Rock Towers Slate

A unique concept designed specifically for people who love to be different. It resembles water flowing from a faucet to a bucket. Colored silver, the water fountain is also equipped with colorful pebbles inside the bucket.

As the next option for natural ambience from tabletop water fountains, it has a foundation made of rocks with a rectangular shape. On top of it, stands an average-height rock structure with three rocky floors in between. It is equipped with LED spotlight, so the water can reflect a dazzling color flowing from one floor to another.

  1. Copper Accent Flowing Falls Slate.

This water fountain can generate modern vibe. It includes decorative pebbles with 1.5 watts LED finger light and en electric water pump. The water flows from the top to the basin and circulates back without any plumbing required. It is also equipped with foot pads to keep your table’s surface clean.

  1. Tiered Green Ceramic Carafe

This is an artistic option for tabletop water fountains. It is weighed at 2.4 pounds, with 16-ounce water capacity. It has a stunning jade green ceramic material as three carafes stick together with different sizes. The water streams from the tallest carafe to the shortest and pumped back using a submersible pump.

  1. Soothing Balance Slate

The contemporary scheme from this design strikes as an elegant choice for tabletop water fountains. It is considerably big, weighed at 9 pounds. It is made from slate and metal, with bamboo-like ornament and decorative pebbles on top a jade foundation. It is equipped with LED light and an electric water pump. The LED light projects a shiny yellow texture to the streaming water from beneath the jade foundation.