The Main Things about Bamboo Flooring to Consider

Bamboo has been staple material for many constructions since ancient time. One of capabilities is for bamboo flooring. In general, flooring with this material is similar to what hardwood does. The only difference is bamboo looks solid with attractive pattern. There are several things to know before you decide to rely on this kind of flooring at home.

Exploring More about Bamboo Flooring Features

The exploration starts from historical background and characteristic of bamboo plant. As you know, it looks like grass but has height and relatively bigger size. Moreover, you will understand the brief method about installation. The most important part is the pros and cons why bamboo becomes your choice. The last aspect is the cost to install, maintain, and repair.

bamboo flooring decor » The Main Things about Bamboo Flooring to Consider

  1. Historical background

Bamboo flooring is common in Asia because the environments and climate are reliable for growing bamboo plants. Most of houses from ancient time utilize bamboo for almost everything. Old shrines in japan also have bamboo for the floor, wall, and roof. Southeast Asia is another region where bamboo is useful for construction.

  1. Characteristic and texture

Bamboo plant will look different after furnishing. On the other side, the texture and characteristics are still intake. The flooring uses bamboo to replace hardwood due to slightly same pattern, but still completely different. Flooring with bamboo has smooth and tight texture. For characteristics, bamboo is relative lightweight and seems to be fragile. When stepped on this floor, you will feel that the floor will be falling part. That’s why the flooring is mostly for the area with few furnishings.

  1. Installation process

The basic installation for bamboo flooring is not complex. Manufacturers prepare bamboo plant and convert it into products. You just buy plank made by bamboo then attach side by side on the floor. After that, the bamboo is glued and you need to add extra cover to protect it from dust and insect.

  1. Pros and cons

The pros and cons are important to know before you are ready to install bamboo for flooring. The pros will show this choice is reliable and suitable for you. On the other side, you must check the cons sides to compare with others. One significant benefit is capability to replace hardwood with the same texture. Bamboo is easy to redesign with floor painting and it still looks good. Furthermore, you do not have to bother about harming environmental. Bamboo product is ecological friendly production. Unfortunately, you need extra maintenance for bamboo flooring. High humid, wet, and moisture will deteriorate the floor surface.

  1. Cost

The last thing to consider is cost. Hardwood is expensive, and bamboo is cheaper. This is the first thing in cost aspect that most people try to justify. In general, the cost for installation and bamboo itself is affordable. However, the maintenance and repairing seem to be one issue that needs to put in utmost consideration. In harsh environmental, having bamboo is not the right choice.

bamboo flooring design » The Main Things about Bamboo Flooring to Consider

From the explanation above, you know about bamboo flooring from several aspects. Flooring with this material will look aesthetically stunning. With the right color and room decoration, you will have the best flooring at all.