The Perfect Black and White Wallpaper Patterns for Bedroom Decorations

Black and white wallpaper is often considered to be used for bedrooms these days. A lot of people like the idea of using wallpaper because it is easier to apply and less expensive, compared to the process of painting the entire bedroom wall with liquid paints. What are the best patterns for bedroom wall when the color scheme is black-and-white? Here is the answer.

The Best Black and White Wallpaper Patterns to Use

bedroom decor with black and white wallpapers » The Perfect Black and White Wallpaper Patterns for Bedroom Decorations

Black and white color combination is such a great color scheme for bedroom. It brings simplicity to the room as well as beautiful shade. When it comes to patterns, there are a lot of patterns, especially the classic ones, to fit the color scheme. Here is five of the best black and white wallpaper patterns you can use for bedrooms.

  1. Awning Stripes

Awning stripe is surely one of the best black and white wallpaper patterns you can possibly choose. This pattern is a really classic one. It is like vertical stripes with medium to large thickness. The gap between each line is quite large, making it really beautiful to look at because the bold difference between the white part and the black part is striking.

  1. Herringbone

Herringbone is a classic pattern with quite tight and crowded design. The zigzag design on the pattern is probably the one you are going to notice first. If you want to use herringbone design for the wallpaper, make sure that you love the color gray because the tight design of the pattern is going to make the black and white color combination looks grayish from afar.

  1. Plaid

Plaid is like the mandatory pattern to have when the color schemes are black and white. They are the classic squared-themed pattern with a really neat look overall. This pattern is suitable to bring to the wall when the bedroom is in smaller size. The large squares on the plaid design will enlarge the room virtually.

  1. Floral

If you love something abstract and something really classic, you can choose floral pattern as the black and white wallpaper pattern in the bedroom. This pattern is using a lot of floral shapes, including the leaves, buds, and everything else to create beautiful frolic scenery on the wall. Use this pattern if you surely love the theme and the crowded lines on the wall.

  1. Shepherd’s Check

Shepherd’s check is like the tinier, tighter version of the classic plaid. It makes the wall looks more crowded when the pattern is brought on the wallpaper. To make sure that the room does not look even more crowded, avoid using a lot of wall decors when the wallpaper is already in this shepherd’s check pattern.

Those five patterns above are surely the best ones to choose when the color combination in the room is black and white. To make sure that you can get the best pattern, just examine each of those patterns mentioned up above. Try to choose the pattern you feel most comfortable with and match with your style and personality. After all, the black and white wallpaper will be the main wall decoration for the room.