Three Basement Laundry Room Benefits to Help You Embrace The Task

Basement laundry room is not a phenomenal nor breakthrough idea in space organizing matters. Doing laundry is not a favorable activity for a lot of people, much more in a dark and isolated place. But believe it or not, there are some advantages you can get if you choose to locate the activity in basement. It is true that it is often considered just as extra room and usually only used to collect old and unneeded things. Here are the advantages to get by using the area for laundry work.

aesthetic basement laundry room decor » Three Basement Laundry Room Benefits to Help You Embrace The Task

Why Should You Use Your Basement?

  1. Less noise

Noise is probably the top worst thing about doing laundry, so there is no way it will not be mentioned. When you want a quiet time or day, doing laundry is not an option to achieve it, so you will procrastinate and put the task off for long time.

By organizing basement laundry room, you can wave this problem goodbye. Chill in the other room while the machine is doing its job and avoid the noise. You might still hear few bangs and bumps, but it won’t abrupt the disturb the peaceful atmosphere. Then it is also possible to do it even when your children still asleep.

  1. Separated place

Instead of seeing dull machine that adds nothing to aesthetic feeling of the room and smelling the dirty laundry inside your home where the guest might pay a visit, you can get separate space for it. No more cramped looks and conditions, because plenty space in basement laundry room will replace it.

More space also means more decoration possibilities. Use different paint colors and color stations, set a speaker to play the music, and hang few decorative pieces here and there. It will make the task seems less miserable and more enjoyable.

  1. Neat looks

Similar to the space benefit where you do not have to look at the task, you can also set neat basement laundry room. You do not need to enter kitchen and be reminded of stack of dirty clothes that need to be taken care of. Also when you are doing the duty, it is always possible to shut the door in order not to show anyone when you are washing your items.

Compared to other options like kitchen, garage, or bedroom, it feels better to set your laundry in lower ground room. There is a washer in the room which may rival the noise from dryers, so it is inconvenient to use, especially if the entertaining room for friends and guest is near the kitchen. If you choose garage area, it is usually doesn’t have control of temperature so it may be too hot or too cold that’s not really beneficial for the laundry. Meanwhile if you used bedroom, it can be tiring to do multiple task at once because you need to be in bedroom to do set the washing process.

While using basement laundry room has its own benefits, there will never be end-all, be-all best and ideal spot. There are some differing factors to consider such as your lifestyle, the amount of laundry you should do, and whether it is important to avoid the laundry sight from your guests.